Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What the Hell Smells?

Taking a short break from working tonight, I stepped outside to take in the cool winter-night air, only to inhale what smells like a combination of melting plastic and sharpie markers. This isn't the first time I've smelled this odd stench either. It’s a strong one too–taking off my shoes does little to mask the odor.

Maybe it's the collective scent of all of the aerosol spray cans being used right now in Santa Ana.


muppet chef said...

I fired up my oven for the first time last night, maybe that was the smell? :-)

Anonymous said...

It's the printing place across from you, you know, the one with the compressor that goes on and on and on all night long.

Anonymous said...

It could be Madison Materials/Ware Disposal - (urban dump)which is just south of the train station. Ya gotta love that "aroma" of trash and garbage, especially after it has rained.

You should put the phone number of the AQMD complaint line on your home page. (800) 288-7664 (24/7)
Report: Madison Materials 1035 E. 4th St. Santa Ana

Anonymous said...

hi -

i live near 4th and grand behind the elementary school. i hate to suggest this, but i wondered if the smell might possibly be from the crematorium that is across the street from the train station in that industrial area? you can see the fumes rising from the roof sometimes from the train platform. the tagging situation where i live is getting worse - we're going to try and sell our house and get out of here - but with 4 houses in foreclosure on our block, we'll have to underprice it quite a bit and pray it moves.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Crematorium you say?
I wouldn't know the aroma of incinerated loved ones, but I'm sure it's not a fragrance worthy of Bath and Body Works.

Macera Crematorium is pretty close to us. I'll drive by sometime and get a closer whiff.

Recently, it's been smelling more like rotten eggs. I know it's not me cause I've been taking my Lactaid regularly.

I'm sorry to hear that things in your area aren't doing too well :(

Email me if you or your neighbors are interested in bridging the gap.

I'd love to hear about your experiences while living in SA.

Plus, it's always nice to meet new people.