Monday, January 5, 2009

Danny Maika–Music Worth Sharing

A few months ago, a group of Santiago Loft residents stopped in for open mic night at the Vault located below the OC Pavilion/Ambrosia Restaurant.

After a decent amount of painful performances, Danny took the stage and wowed us all with his set and stage presence. I remember saying to the wife on the way home: "I'm sure glad we stuck around to hear that guy!"

Since that night, we've crossed paths with Danny on several occasions including an amazing performance at the Irvine Spectrum Mall on the day after Christmas, and most recently, just a few doors down while performing in a neighbor's first floor studio/workspace.

Aside from his fantastic voice, Danny just has a wonderful persona about him where you'd love nothing more than to see this guy make it.

Perhaps when the weather gets warmer and the Santiago Art District Art Walk picks up again, maybe we can get him to do a live show.

Until then, check out his website or his MySpace page for some soul-warming tunes.


Mike Harrah said...

Thanks for giving me money by stopping by my dump.

Nightlife said...

John Carillo is a pretty good songwriter who hosts the open mic nights at the Vault. Every once in a while he gets lucky and brings in someone really good. (Alice Wallace and, apparently, Danny are good examples)

It's a shame it's at that venue, though. That place just isn't happening, and it won't be getting any better in the near future.

You can check out John Carillo's other open mic event over the border in Costa Mesa at eVocal. Now that's a pretty hip place.

If one of the other downtown restaurants would host this show, I'd go all the time.

Kawika said...

Woo go Hawaiians!