Sunday, April 18, 2010

The New Hotspot–Downtown Santa Ana

About a week and a half ago while dining at Memphis, I got a chance to catch up with one of Memphis' part-owner and my good buddy Dave Hastie.

Dave sat down at our table and pointed across the street to the roof of the Empire Building asking if we saw the new WiFi antenna.

"No–when did this happen?!" I asked.

"Just recently", he replied.
"We haven't made a public announcement yet."

Turns out that the free WiFi is provided by the Downtown Santa Ana Management District (a collective unit of participating Downtown Santa Ana business owners) and they're looking to expand all the way out to 4th Street and the Fiesta Marketplace.

How bitchin' is that?

I remember reading somewhere that mayoral candidate Al Amezcua wants to bring free public WiFi to Santa Ana should he be elected this November.

Way to go Downtown Santa Ana Management District for being one step ahead of the game.


junior said...


Free WiFi - that is a step in the right direction for downtown SA.

Do you know if there has been any discussion of closing Fourth St. to vehicular traffic in downtown?

It would be easy to do, even on a temporary test basis. They could move concrete traffic barriers in easily - decorate/camoflage the barriers.

To open Fourth St. to pedestrian traffic could bring big benefits to downtown.

Another thing - declare a moratorium on parking charges in the huge unused parking structures, at the same time. I think the downtown town merchants would see the number of shoppers double.

Recommendation: Close Fourth St. between French and Ross and allow cross traffic at Main St. only.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Haven't heard anything about closing 4th, but I agree that would create a unique shopping experience where people could freely cross the streets.

I wonder if the City (and businesses) would be interested in trying that idea out (start off with Sundays to see how it works out).

Parking downtown is such a joke – there are all of these huge structures that rarely get used.

I think you might be onto something...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just hope One Broadway Plaza gets Built! Then we might have a spurt of high rises in downtown, that would be nice!

angel22 said...

deport white people. stupid gringo.

tolsmedia said...

It's really nice to hear about free public WiFi to Santa Ana.I wish it could be happen soon.

Tommie Whitsey said...

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