Thursday, October 4, 2007

Who Let The Dogs Out? Santa Ana, That's Who.

To the dog owner/lover, Santa Ana can be a pretty depressing town. The lack of clean parks, recent Parvo issues, and having to drive to Tustin for a decent Veterinarian keeps Fido and me on the down.

But on top of all of these issues, the high rate of neglected, stray, or lost dogs roaming our neighborhood is what breaks my heart the most. One can argue that these are just animals that eat up our tax dollars when we should focus our attention on the homeless people in Santa Ana.

While I agree that there is a homeless problem in every major city including ours (Irvine exempted), the fact is that most of the people living on streets are there by choice. Dogs and animals are frequently tossed out onto the streets or get loose due to their owners giving up on them, being irresponsible in their safety, or just plain stupid.

Last night, an adorable Pomeranian-Mix wandered into our complex, seeking shelter from the noisy and frightening Boulevard. A neighbor was kind enough to befriend the little girl and bring her in for a much needed bath.

Once we earned the little one's trust, she immediately jumped onto my lap as she was so excited to finally be safe indoors with a hearty plate of food and a clean water dish to drink from.

This morning, I contacted The Orange County Animal Care Services about possibly locating the owner. I was advised to bring the dog into the Shelter being that would be the first place a concerned owner would check. I expressed my concern to the operator about the sweetheart being euthanized should she not be claimed. She assured me that should the owner not come forward, she would surely be adopted being as sweet as I described her to be.

So if you or anyone is interested in a loving dog that needs a little house training, please give the Shelter a call at (714) 935-6848.

For tracking purposes, the Shelter assigned the loving little doggie an identification number of A0851833, but to me, I will always remember her as "Foxy".

*Update* If you are interested in a loving lap dog, she is available here.


Anonymous said...

i think foxy was adopted.. didnt see her in the shelter website

complainalin said...

That's great news. Hooray for Foxy!

Anonymous said...

That just made my day.

Thanks for the update.