Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Crosby Opens April 1st!

There are many things to look forward to being a homeowner in Santa Ana as the city begins to pick up the broken pieces of a once golden metropolis.

Downtown Santa Ana's potential for a renewed greatness will soon be one step closer with the opening of The Crosby on April 1st.

What is The Crosby you ask?

The Crosby is a combination restaurant/bar/bookstore/lounge that owners Marc Yamaoka, Phil Nisco and Chris Alfaro describe as a "Haven of Creativity", and just happens to be open until 2AM.

The wife and I were ecstatic when we were given a sneak peek of their shop and were delighted when we got a chance to check out their unique sound system consisting of multiple 80's-styled boom boxes.

Who would have known that 14+ boom boxes linked together could sound so good?

What's even better is that these down-to-earth guys are oozing with creativity. I highly suggest you check out their work on iTunes by clicking here or by searching under "Free the Robots" in iTunes.

Let's just hope this isn't a cruel April Fools' joke.

Here, you can read a great OC Weekly article about the hoops the masterminds behind The Crosby had to jump through with the city of Santa Ana, and you can also check out their mySpace page here.


Anonymous said...

This place sounds awesome~ I can't wait to go check it out when it opens...

Thanks for letting me know Ben.

Jason said...

Ditto "anonymous" ... I can't wait to go. Sounds like a Loft neighborhood fieldtrip, huh?

Thanks for keeping us up on what's going on around here!

Anonymous said...

It does sound great, OC Weekly article inspires further malcontent for the current city government.

Robert said...

To bad I had school that night.
It's going be one of my new hang out spots.

Judy Lucy said...

I went to The Crosby last week. I had the special - a carribean pizza - it was delicious. The server was really nice. I'll certainly go back.