Thursday, June 12, 2008

Santa Ana Propaganda

You would never think that the Santa Ana featured in this clip is the same Santa Ana you read about in the OC Register. It’s amazing what good stock footage, editing using quick cuts, and super-saturating the footage can do for your city. Still, there's nowhere else in Orange County I'd rather live than here in Santa Ana.

Zapfino is arguably the worst typeface–EVER.


Miguel said...

I wanted to use comic sans or calibri but Judy Ware told me I have to use Zapfino. Sorry you don't like it.

Jason said...

Zapf Chancery is waaaay worse than Zapfino. Maybe the worst (widespread) font ever in my mind. And ohmigod, what about Brush Script!!

No, I don't hate Zapf Chancery ...

I think the video was actually shot in the wrong place, and is showing Disneyland. Or maybe we should call it "Disney Ana" ... Yes, Santa Ana can look like Disneyland ... you gotta appreciate the power of editing.

It's kind of like how none of my models ever look fat ... hahahaha ... liquify, baby, liquify!

Robert said...

Where's the ghetto?

It is not Santa Ana with out the ghetto, homeless people, gangs and taggers!