Monday, June 30, 2008

Tommy Pastrami Opens Today Next Week

Last Friday, the wife and I were very fortunate to get a sneak peak of the new Tommy Pastrami restaurant on 4th Street in Downtown Santa Ana as they hosted their soft-grand opening for invited guests, friends and family, though, we were neither.

On the night prior, we walked by the open doors of the restaurant as we were headed to Jason’s Downtown. There we saw the crew getting one of the several flat-screens ready for wall mounting. It really was amazing how much they got done in less than twenty-four hours (we honestly didn’t think that they’d be able to make today’s grand opening, let alone a soft one the next day).

Though you wouldn’t think that a joint with a menu consisting mainly of overstuffed sandwiches would be something to talk about, but this exciting addition to Santa Ana’s future restaurant row sports a very upscale d├ęcor; much like the neighboring Bistro 400 and Jason’s Downtown restaurants. If there's any place in Orange County that could be home to a New York-style deli, it's 4th street Santa Ana.

Food and drinks were on the house that night but I only got a chance to sample the regular pastrami sandwich and a small cup of chili. But from those few bites I can assure you that this place is going to be off the hook, much like the other new guys down at The Crosby.

The friendly staff was cool under the intense pressure of a loud house packed ass-to-ass as they made sure that all guests had a chance to cram their pie holes with the various free sandwiches being served that night.

With 6 wall-mounted flat screens located all over the restaurant, one can only hope pray that this restaurant is open on Sundays come football season (Go Chargers).

The hours for this Tommy Pastrami restaurant are listed here on their website, but I’ve heard that those times aren’t carved in stone as they will be feeling it out for the first couple of months (so go on weeknights folks).

Imagine–another restaurant in Downtown Santa Ana open late on a non-Friday weeknight? We might actually be earning that “Downtown Orange County” slogan that was just recently painted on the water tower.


Tommy Pastrami New York Delicatessen
Downtown Santa Ana
410 W. 4th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

STORE HOURS (It's up to you Santa Ana if you want them to stay open later):
Monday - Thursday: 7am - 7pm
Friday: 7am - 10pm*
Saturday: 1pm - 10pm*
Sunday: ???

*If it's still busy, the doors stay open


Slaymetender said...

I love that place. I go to the one in Irvine, all the time. Make sure you try their chili!

Spencer Hoo said...

what, there was FREE food and you didnt think to invite me???? pffft, how rude....


Glad to see we have more business owners that believe in Santa Ana as we all do.


meaty pooh said...


Anonymous said...

I went over for lunch today and it's not exactly open for business yet. They are shooting to open next Monday.

Robert said...

Im glad that place is open. I been passing by every week just to see when it would open.

Thanks Ben for keeping me posted.

Can't wait to go.
Lets go Ben and Spencer and who ever wants to join us and take a little trip over there and show our support, : )

Gustavo Arellano said...

I reviewed the original one (next to the Arts Institute in SanTana) years ago and have been very pleased its now a mini-chain. Hope the quality is good!

Ben Dayhoe said...

They were handing out free samples of the chili at the event and as a connoisseur of fine foods such as chili, I would highly recommend.

I would have invited you but the invitation only allowed for 2 freeloaders per invite ;)


Thanks for the heads up. Blog post title updated.

Hope to see you there too. That 4th Street corridor has great potential. From what I've heard, the old West End Theatre might be leasing 900sf of the building to a small deli/ice cream shop.

The meat curtain-like sandwiches they were handing out Friday night were mighty good–very much on track with your original review. Me thinks Santa Ana just scored another victory.

Robert said...

There going to open a ice cream/deli in the old West End Theatre WOW! I truly hope it's Hans ice cream and deli.

That place makes the best ice cream and sandwiches. The original one is on Bristol and Mac Arthur next Bank of America and Federicks of Hollywood.

Thanks Ben

DakotaSoda said...

so wait, are they open officially?

mrs. dayhoe said...

They're now shooting for next Monday (7/14). They're getting their county health inspection tomorrow. Closed on Sundays, but if you're interested in having a private party, they'll open for you.

DakotaSoda said...

well, when they're officially officially open, let's go.
sounds delish.

Pharcry said...

What is pastrami?

Had to look it up since i've always wondered. Is good.