Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Same Tagger, New Tactics

Our newest tagger has returned to our community. Once again, he brought along his handy little etching tool and tagged a unit on the North side of Santa Ana Boulevard.

But our "artist" didn't stop there. Desperate for attention and fame, he used a chemical or paint and wrote his name on the side of the (phase 2) blue buildings along Santiago Street.

I have a feeling that as schools begin to open their doors this year that this problem will continue to increase. What better way to show your homies how cool you are than to write your name on someone else's property?

You must make your parent's proud.


Batwoman said...

Great Site, thanks for the latest updates.

Those of you who find graffiti, please take photos and turn them over to SAPD graffiti task force. When these evil doers are caught, they can be charged with previous acts, and the courts will pursue restitution.

Been doing some snoopin for the creatins who etched the windows, I'll keep you posted on progress.

And the beat goes on...

Eric said...

Link above has an updated progress report on some developments in cue for our area....

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Thinking of hitting the next city council meeting if anyone is interested. The city needs to know we're here and enduring a lot of crap to stay in their community.