Monday, September 10, 2007

Yeah, That's a Crack Meth Pipe

While jogging on Civic Center Drive Sunday morning, I came across this crack meth pipe.

Though this pipe has been discerned as a Crystal Meth pipe by my wonderful readers, I'm still keeping the original post intact.

Crack is a highly addictive and destructive drug that needs to be taken seriously. Crack eats away at the body, the mind and the wallet–And once the wallet runs dry, the user resorts to whatever it takes to get money for their next fix including prostitution and stealing.

If you come across any drug paraphernalia such as pipes or needles, please handle with care. Avoid picking them up with your bare hands and instead, call Santa Ana Police at (714) 834-4211.

By calling the Police, they will now have a record of drug activity in the neighborhood should something else happen down the road. The only way for the Police to be aware of what happens in your neighborhood is if someone picks up the phone and calls.


Anonymous said...

tweak pipe

Unknown said...

thats actually a "Batu Pipe". Although it can be used to smoke crack cocaine, it is more commonly used to smoke crystal methamphetamine or "Ice".

Ben Dayhoe said...

Thanks Pablo.
I've only seen one of these in action while watching Dateline specials or similar programs :)

Either way, I'd be pissed if someone left one of these on my front lawn.

Anonymous said...

thats a meth pipe not a crack pipe. for it to be used for crack they'd've to have broken off the bulb end.
you cant smoke crack out of that dumb bitch.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Good morning! It's 2:10am. What are you doing up?

a.) You're in another time zone and you Googled "Crack Pipe" and found your new favorite blog.

b.) You've got a deadline like I do and you're working through the night, but decided to take a break to read your favorite blog.

c.) You're on some really bad meth, tweak, crack, coke or ice and somehow ended up back on your favorite blog.

Whatever pipe you want to call it does not matter to me--it's still illegal drugs being done on someone else's property!

Anonymous said...

LOFTS SUCK! you guys come here thinking you're the sh** while our houses seem more like crap and now you critizise whats being left on the floor and a woman that poops everywhere? YOUR IN DOWNTOWN SANTA ANA get used to it!

Stephen Manning said...

Hey Loft Sucker,
Shut up.

Your apathy towards what DOWNTOWN SANTA ANA is, is exactly why it's been like this for so long.

Us sucky loft people aren't going to "get used to it" like you did, weakling.

So yeah. Shut Up.

Oh yeah also, you're welcome.

You're going to enjoy the fruits of the sucky loft people's activism and sheer presence in Santa Ana, which will create a better downtown santa ana for all.

Anonymous said...

"so yea, shut up.?" A person who says "so yea, shut up" is going to be a neighbor? I applaud you for your insignificant words. I only fear that with the lofts in tact it will only want to shove off the people who have been living in this neighborhood for years. YOU and the expensive lofts are pushing out families from a neighborhood they love so much. If people like you stopped showing off the money you have, maybe MY DOWNTOWN SANTA ANA wouldn't be crime infested. I call it MY because I have lived here my whole life and I DO NOT intend to be thrown out because people like you want to make it seem better. Yes.. I used the word SEEM. I have always thought this part of town is beautiful, a work of art ever since I was a child.. you people and your disrespect for my part of town really pisses me off. And in your words EL DIABLO BLANCO "So yea. Shut up." I really don't find much to thank you or any of you for. You are practically kicking my family out of what we have called home for so long, how can anyone thank you for that? What Anonymous said, that person did not say you "sucky loft people", he or she said LOFTS SUCK! Hope your conscience is clean when they end up taking all the homes, and tearing them down to build a "newer" Santa Ana. "ITS SURFACE MAY CHANGE, BUT THE HEART WILL REMAIN THE SAME" -NATi

Anonymous said...

Oh and another thing DIABLO, expressing ones opinion is not a sign of weakness.

I do have to agree with Ano, you chose where you wanted to live, you decided in downtown Santa Ana, yes its beautiful.. its home to many, but like many of the people who have live here for years know there is crime, gangs etc.. You decided to live in this neighborhood knowing all of this, Don't be making remarks of weakness when people ::ahem:: are complaining of tweek pipes and homeless when it was here to begin with. don't complain if you know where you where moving into. Good luck and God bless

Ben Dayhoe said...

Hi ZoEY,
Could you please expand on what you meant in this statement?

"If people like you stopped showing off the money you have, maybe MY DOWNTOWN SANTA ANA wouldn't be crime infested."

Are you saying that because I drive an old Honda Civic and live in a colorful, moderately-priced condo (wannabe loft), that's why the crime rate in this town is so high?

Or are we the criminals?
Please explain your logic.

Let me ask you something;
as someone who's lived here your entire life, do you feel powerless in preventing crime, drugs, homeless people randomly crapping, and gang violence in your neighborhood?

While you may have grown up in Santa Ana, this "new guy in town" doesn't think it's acceptable for anyone to have to live with this kind of crap--me or you.

Don't believe the hype when anyone tells you that you need to accept it as a fact of life just because you live in an "urban setting".

That's bullsh*t that comes straight from the mouths of the people in power when they can't solve the city's problems by simply just listening to the people.

Another point of clarification please:

"You are practically kicking my family out of what we have called home for so long..."

Do you see me driving a bulldozer? Has anyone been subject to eminent domain because of loft/condo developments? Our site was a poorly used industrial lot before these units were built, not homes.

Think for yourself before you listen to the fear mongers.

My neighbors and I moved here because, like you, we too see Santa Ana as a beautiful city (twak pipes, homeless, gangs, graffiti and all) that just needs some polishing, not demolition.

This city was once the crown of Orange County, and with a little work, she'll reclaim her throne.

Tell you what; if a bulldozer is threatening to tear down your house, I'll be standing right next to you and your family to prevent that from happening.

You know how to reach me if that ever happens (or if you want to tell me about your life experiences in Santa Ana).

Anonymous said...

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