Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Mayor Pulido,

I'm very curious as to why you yourself are in favor of Measure D. In recent news, Measure D has been under heavy scrutiny as to whom it will truly benefit and if it really stands in support of the public should it pass.

Listed below are official statements taken from the argument in favor of Measure D—The document where your name is listed at the top of a list of supporters.

A YES vote on Measure D will require elected officials and members of appointed boards, commissions, and committees to adhere to a tough new Code of Ethics and Conduct to assure public confidence in the integrity of local government elected and appointed officials.

What is this tough new Code of Ethics and Conduct and where can I review it? I've always thought that the Oath of Office and fulfilling promises to the voters was good enough to assure my confidence in elected officials. Speaking of which, my confidence level in our local government has dwindled severely when doing just a small amount of research on Measure D that ended up highly contradicting what it claims. Please read on.

A YES vote on Measure D establishes a limit of three terms on City Council members to reduce the power and influence of City Hall bureaucrats and developers.

Really? Judging by the campaign contributions so far, it seems like developers have a lot to gain by being in support of Measure D. Shouldn't the Renaissance Specific Plan be giving the City enough control over developers?

A YES vote will create a more experienced and stable legislative body that will better serve the City of Santa Ana.

The OC Register quoted you saying "Once people start understanding the city, understanding how to get things done, they're termed out." If it's been taking our elected officials 7-8 years to understand their job, then we need to change how things get done or elect smarter candidates.

A YES vote on Measure D will make City Hall accountable to Santa Ana residents – not the powerful special interests.

Again, going back to the campaign contributions. It seems as if the special interest groups are very interested in Measure D passing. Why is that so? Just by looking at their campaign contributions, again, it seems as if these special interest groups have more to gain.

Perhaps the best part of Measure D is that it doesn’t cost taxpayers a single penny and may even save the City money that can be better used to promote public safety efforts.

Hasn't Measure D has already cost taxpayers $150k just to get on the ballot?

Measure D is the most effective way to make sure that City government is more honest, effective and accountable to the voters.

Does this statement imply that current Santa Ana government isn't being 100% honest with its citizens and a Code of Ethics will change that?

As a concerned voter, I haven't been able to get one honest answer from anyone at the City level. If you truly support the idea of having our elected officials being more honest and accountable to the voters, then maybe it needs to start at the top with you.

Ben @ The Santiago Street Lofts


Anonymous said...

Im afraid that new leadership will shit can the rsp to satisfy all the anti-rsp carnies

Anonymous said...

Pulido is the thin brown line that seperates us from becoming Tiajuana

Anonymous said...

Pulido is the stubby brown bullshitter that keeps 4th street looking like TJ and Logan looking like Bee Canyon.

Anonymous said...

Ben, the best thing that can be done for the Santiago Street Lofts and your neighbors in Logan is to make sure that EVERYBODY who can vote gets out and votes.

When you look at the city and identify the worst parts, those are the parts that vote the least.

This is not theory, it is fact. Look for yourselves and then get out and vote and drag your neighbors with you.


Anonymous said...

I don't know guys, educate me, because I'm not sure I see developers as evil entities.

Don't we all want a cornery bakery, trader joes, starbucks, etc., somewhere nearby SSL? I'm not in favor of mowing everything down and making it irvine, but something in between.

Santa Ana has run off developers and businesses for years. Certainly we don't need a garbage dump, but something new is not going to go in it's place without a developer.

What am I missing here?

Anonymous said...

Just as all whom speak out regarding the RSP we are not anti-rsp carnies( as # 1 states)

Look at the specific developers that gave Money = bottom of the barrel...lowest of low. they are not going to do anything to make this city a better place.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Anon #5,
I don't see developers as evil, but I do see red flags when a measure that sounds like it wants to put the developers in check is getting serious endorsement from them.

Are we to believe that they are throwing thousands of dollars in favor of this measure because they support the proposed Code of Ethics b.s.?

Remember, my quarrel isn't with developers, but the fact that they are deep in the pockets of elected officials.

When it comes down to it, the sad fact is that the mentality of our elected officials is a what's best for me attitude and not one of what's best for Santa Ana.

Robert said...


You got that right. These elected officials only care about themselves and could care less for the city of Santa Ana and it's residents.

Anonymous said...

Developers are necessary to get the job done. But the job needs to be defined and shaped by the community.

The community is not being heard. Self serving politicians and greedy developers are running the show - they are the carnies.


Anonymous said...

Ben: Forget politics--what did you think about last night's LOST episode? FREAKIN' HURLEY!!!!

Ben Dayhoe said...

Hey Gustavo,
I was slightly disappointed with last night's ep.

I love the character of Hurley and like that they are developing him to be more than just the comic relief, but I was looking forward to an episode that rivaled the S01 finale/S02 premiere.

At this point, I don't think his character could support a dramatic explosion through the gates...even though he did explode through that stack of fruit in the opening scene ;)

There were some good Jacob moments that gave me the heebie-jeebies and it was nice to see the entire original cast in a single ep, but it wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger pangs after the long hiatus.

I like where the show is headed, but knowing that there are only 7 more new episodes filmed, I'm curious how the writers are going to approach or rewrite the upcoming arcs and mini-arcs.

Nonetheless, it was a good episode and I'm glad to finally have something on tv that's worthwhile.

Did you get a feeling of uneasiness throughout the whole episode–like something really bad is about to happen?

Anonymous said...

I actually fell into ABC's "two-hour season premier" spiel--I thought it was really going to last two hours! In that sense, I was disappointed with it. But it's going to some craaaazy places--and the more the show continues, the more sympathetic Ben is and the more of jerk Jack appears! Or maybe I just say this 'cause I believe in the Island...

Anonymous said...

as ususal,leave it to gustavo to re-direct and muddy the issues.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Meh, I'd rather talk about LOST anyways :D

If my email or this post ever gets a response from the Mayor or Claudia (to which I highly doubt), then I'll course-correct this thread.

Anonymous said...

Anon coward: Gracias for knowing my work! Taken your Ritalin yet?

Ben: Claudia doesn't speak to the press or bloggers. Papi Pulido only talks when the subject isn't him. The only councilmembers who regularly return calls are Benavides and Martinez--I'd say try them. Otherwise, great post!

Anonymous said...

And the anon idiot immediately above this comment is me!

Ben Dayhoe said...

Thanks Gustavo,
Michele is fantastic and we have a great working relationship.

David is a pretty stand-up guy and he told me that he'd make himself available if I ever needed to chat with him.

Pulido has never directly returned ANY of my emails. He always has his cronies do the dirty work.

Claudia, well she just scares me with that blood red lipstick. She's a vampire that sucks the life out from the city.

So you want to talk more about Lost? You can always email me.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that lives in the Santiago lofts with this name and she is way cool and pretty f*cking great!

Anonymous said...

That's it.

No bridge, dirty sidewalks, forget the pony, say bye bye to me driving you to Proof and the rat poison goes back in the tacos at Taco Neza.

Now you have really pissed me off!