Monday, March 10, 2008

Barbecue Season is Officially Here

Whether you're a person that likes to cook, or someone who loves to eat, you’re in good company here at the Santiago Street Lofts.

This past weekend, a good amount of neighbors took advantage of the beautiful southern California weather and rang in the extra hour of daylight with a delicious barbecue.

The hit of the “Q” was definitely Dr. Jason’s Newcastle-marinated ribs. I have to say; I’ve never known a dentist that used barbecued ribs to get me to floss.

So, if you’re on the fence about moving here, then hopefully knowing that you’ll have some kickass neighbors will be the push that you’ve needed. If you live here and missed this Sunday’s barbecue event–don’t worry; there are plenty of barbecue days ahead of us.


Cyrus said...

Yummy! Hey Ben I sent you a link to the recent post widget.

Jason said...

You used a really good hand model for that 2nd photo. Maybe you can let me know who it is so I can hire him?

The BBQ was great, loving you guys. Thanks!!

Calendar J

PS: 3 posts in one week at "the other blog" ... damn, new world record! (well, for a non-travel week at least)