Thursday, August 14, 2008

August Art Walk

Last month we had a great turnout for our July art walk. Local restaurants Bistro 400 and Jason's Downtown Restaurant pitched in with much some needed refreshments and treats for our guests.

This Saturday, August 16th brings yet another art walk full of good times and then some.

Even with the help of the downtown restaurants, it's hard to predict how busy art walk nights will be. In recent months, our community has worked extra hard as a unified team to promote this monthly event. Why? Because we can't wait for the city to bring the fun–just ask the downtown loft residents who've been here 5 years and counting.

And though the success of our art walk is due to many factors like our residents, I'd like to take the time to thank some of the websites that helped get us on the map:

OC Now
The OC Art Blog
The City of Santa Ana Calendar
The French Park Website
Yelp (thanks Brian!) - taco lady does rock


Robert said...

Cool! See you guys this Sat.

Anonymous said...

Ouch.... What website first linked to you?

Ben Dayhoe said...

When I said "Us", I meant the Santiago Art District, not this blog.

But yes Orange Juice (Thomas Gordon in particular), thank you for helping me in my quest to better this town.

Anonymous said...

That's more like it ;)

Anonymous said...

Well another artwalk. What is becoming of the artwalk? It is now
looking like the OC swapmeet. I walked around and wondered when people are going to start selling art. Maybe it should be called the arts and trinkets, and lets not forget garden show. If this community thinks this is the way to bring in the clients from Laguna beach God help us!!!!!

Ben Dayhoe said...

That was pretty low, anonymous art walk critic.

If you've got some great ideas on how to make OUR art walk better, please bring them to the next art walk meeting.

Insulting your neighbors and the good folks that try to make this community a fun place FOR ALL OF US WHO DO LIVE HERE is not the way to go.

Nightlife said...

Anonymous must mean the Downtown art walk, not the Santiago one.
There's a big difference between the two.
The Santiago Art Walk always has great art, and lots of it.

Unknown said...

Clients from Laguna Beach, seriously? How played out is that? You're 20 years late, today's Laguna Beach 'clients' not only include those with more money than sense to do with it but tourists, Wyland and the original master of light Mr Kinkade? And don't even get me started on that human puppet show they call the pagent of the master's. But I digress. Actually, I've meet more people from LA and places beyond during our Art Walk which is far more important for our visibility and the greater success for the galleries in the long term. Or wait a second, how about the plethora of Santa Ana residents who are either artists themselves or are being attracted to this city because of what is happening not only here but at City Place and obviously downtown. In fact, as a resident who has purchased some 20 pieces of art from these very galleries - I swear I meant to buy a cactus but got sidetracked talking to someone, and your fellow resident (?) I'm appalled by your Benedict(a) Arnold attitude. Though I don't have a gallery of my own, I can't help but appreciate how much effort and dedication my fellow residents who do put into them - regardless if they are selling art, trinkets, cacti or otherwise. So, Mr or Mrs/Ms Arnold, it's of my own belief that criticism such as yours, always unwarranted, is often the case of one's inability to either include themselves and or their own discomfort with their very own situation. So, if it helps you feel better I offer a few of my pieces on loan to you so that you may feel more a part of the great thing this community is becoming.

Robert said...

Can't wait for the big art walk in Oct. Thanks Spencer for showing me your gallery. : )

Anonymous said...

Last Night during Council comments, Vince Sarmiento claimed to have attended the most recent art walk and stated that maybe the city should look into assisting.

Ben Dayhoe said...

We had an interesting showing of Santa Ana Politicos including: David Benevides, Stanley Fiala and yes, Vincent Sarmiento.

The city can assist us by:
1. Rezoning Downtown

2. Bringing the Street Cars

3. Not drag their heels on future neighboring developments once the market recovers

4. Buying our wares ;)

5. Showing up when invited

6. Pestering OCTA to move forward with the Don Cribb Golden Ticket idea