Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Notes from E3

Life has been pretty busy these days–good, but busy (evident in my lack of blogging among other things [as if anyone really cares]). So today, I finally got a chance to have some good 'ol fashion geek fun as the wifey and I hopped on a train to L.A. for the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short.

Here are some of the highlights from today's trip:

Those were some giant Final Fantasy ads.

Didn't get a chance to see the upcoming game, but the Ecto-1 was a nice treat.

The Arkham Asylum game had a pretty sweet booth–
I have to say the game looked like the best Batman game to date.

Is Manny Pacquiao the first Filipino to be in a video game?
And no, Ewoks don't count.

Super Mario Bros. Wii was a 4-player blast, but I think it may break up some families and end a few friendships as other players can collide with you, hindering your attacks and jumps.

Left 4 Dead 2 (360) looked pretty solid, though I was surprised they went with such a saturated color palette being that the game takes place during the daytime.

God of War 3 looked amazing–probably the only reason to buy a PS3 next year.
The line to play the demo was intense!

Only geeks think tattoos like this are hardcore, so naturally I LOVED it.

The best part about today's trip was that we spent zero time behind the wheel–one of the great things about living so close to the train depot.

I can't wait until 2010 when the Metrolink will be running with later hours and more frequent stops. Who knows, maybe we'll be able to stay in downtown L.A. for dinner after next year's E3.


Gustavo Arellano said...

Isn't Zelda vaguely Tagalog?

Unknown said...

I'm going to do a little train trip soon...since the station is so close.

Yo!..Admin...I need access...approve my membership please.

El Gallo Rojo said...

Dude, step up your game. No new info for seven weeks?

Can't you talk about how hot it's been? Or the latest on the wee tagger lads? How's the market for the lofts right now? Any foreclosures or sales to talk about? How was your last Chipotle burrito? Anything.......?

I'm gonna unfavorite you......

Kiril The Mad Macedonian said...

No that anyone cares?

I care!

Hey man, El Gallo is right!


It's been a while since I last checked in, but I have you in my blogroll for a reason.

You are great!

Always interesting, always entertaining, always informative.

Keep it up!