Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Top Five Downtown Santa Ana Coffee Spots (Oct. 2013)

Coffee–It's nature's wonder cure and a Creative's lifeblood when grinding through an endless project or when burning the midnight oil. Too much will make you jittery and your butt crack sweaty (or is that latter result just happen to me), but just the right amount and you'll bang-through whatever project you're currently struggling to finish in no time.

If you think about it, coffee is a lot like (married) sex. Everyone has their own rituals and personal preference in creamy and sugary foreplay, while others like myself just want to get right down to business (hot and dark).

The results are more often euphoric–everything seems brighter and clearer, all of your problems are now easily solvable, or even better, forgettable, and you can't help but smile for the next few hours.

Now that I think of it, coffee might actually be better than sex!

With that said, here are my top five Downtown Santa Ana coffee spots:

5. Memphis at the Santora - Lavazza–It's like the poor man's Intelligentsia but always hits the spot.

4. Little Sparrow Cafe - Kéan Coffee–Always fresh–like it's just been brewed just for you.

3. The Playground - Portola Coffee–Find me a hipster who doesn't like Portola.

2. Au Naturaw - Groundworks Coffee, prepared via French Press. Come for the coffee, stay for the refreshing alkaline water and amazingly delicious (and healthy) eats.

1. C4 Deli - Supreme Bean Black & Tan, prepared via French Press (available in 12 or 20oz.)–The (somewhat) new guys on the block got it right out of the gate.

Got your own list? Any places you think I should try? Let me know!

And no, coffee really isn't better than sex, but I'd say they're pretty damn close.


Meghan Cope said...

oh man. All so good!
Cocktail list next please :)

Ben Dayhoe said...

Great idea! :)
Thanks Meghan!