Monday, October 14, 2013


A few years back, I decided to leave the confines of Corporate America and "do my own thing". I was barely in my early 30's and I was already exhausted from pointless early scrum calls, excessive Outlook meeting requests, and know-nothing Brand Managers who relied on people like me to explain their job to them.

And until recently, my commercially zoned "man-cave" downstairs was where I spent the majority of my life grinding out a living.

My "on-duty" hours ranged anywhere from 6AM to well, whenever I was at a good stopping point (which was usually when I could no longer focus my eyes on whatever project I was working on at that time).

During those hours spent downstairs, I've seen countless cars, busses, trucks, and Sheriff’s vehicles, fly down Santa Ana Boulevard at 50+ MPH–AND THAT SHIT GETS REALLY LOUD!

Not to mention that a majority of the cars seem to either be a diesel truck, have some sort of exhaust system, or worse, be missing their catalytic converter and be just all the more annoying.

And a side-rant about exhaust systems: Kids, if you drive an automatic, DO NOT put a exhaust system on your car! There is nothing sexy or badass about a loud low-RPM automatic gear shift.

In 2006 when I first moved into the lofts, the north side of the complex was still years away from being completed. Every now and then my awesome friend/neighbor Luis and I would stand out front and nerd out about upcoming movies or the most recent "Lost"or "Dexter" (when it was good) episode.

A few years had gone by and Lennar had recently completed putting up the buildings across the street. One night, Luis and I were talking out front and we could barely even hear each other. It turns out that with the buildings constructed directly across from us, the sound of the vehicles was amplified as it reverberated until it dissipated. Think of it as being in the bottom of a narrow canyon and yelling "ECHO!".

Over the years, the sound of vehicles roaring down Santa Ana Boulevard became part of the overall background noise that comes with living at the Santiago Street Lofts. My good buddy Luis ended up moving to scenic Utah and thus my time spent out on Santa Ana Boulevard was reduced to not nearly what it once was.

A few months back, I decided to take up some office space in Downtown Santa Ana. The rent was a deal I could not pass up and the location was adjacent to all of my favorite restaurants. Situated on historic 4th Street (Calle Cuatro), I was expecting it to be noisy, but it turns out it's surprisingly a more mellow downtown city-street-type of noise–and I LOVE IT.

I guess it has something to do with the overall purpose and differences between the two streets: 4th Street is an active street where people want to be versus Santa Ana Boulevard being a passive street packed with churches and apartment complexes.

Man, I miss Luis. He was good people.


Churra said...

Enjoying your posts :) We're trying to find a loft in Santa Ana and your posts have been a really cool inside look at the city from a loft owner's point of view. Thanks :)

Ben Dayhoe said...

Hi Churra,
Thank you for commenting and reading!

Good luck on your loft hunt :)