Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beware The Poo Lady

About once a month, a certain homeless person ventures into our community. At first glance, she looks likes the everyday commuter who rides the train or takes the bus. But don't let her appearance fool you.

She starts out by hanging out in the shaded areas or alleyways; eating whatever food she has with her while rearranging her luggage. When the times is right, she will slip into one of our alleys, "drop trow" and "squeeze out a deuce", wiping with whatever napkins she has available leaving the mess for one of our unlucky residents to clean up after her.

I knew that she had recently been in our community after seeing her familiar "bread crumb" napkin trail. After walking around the complex, I saw her sitting on the sidewalk, eating a snack while littering napkins all around her.

"Can I help you?" I politely asked.
"No!" She shouted.

"Then may I ask what you are doing here."
"Waiting for the bus!" Shouting louder than before.

Knowing of her situation, I then asked her if she needed anything like the use of a phone, food or money.
"Just leave me the f*ck alone!"

With that said, I sternly advised her she needed to leave the property and to not come back anymore. I reminded her of the last time she was here and needed to be escorted off the premises by Santa Ana Police.

She packed up her items and was on her way, but not without shouting and swearing as she walked down Santa Ana Boulevard. She eventually found her way up to Civic Center Drive and set up camp in front of the unfinished lofts.

Within every city there is a homeless problem–Well, with the exception of Irvine. I think Irvine gives anyone who looks homeless a one-way bus ticket to Santa Ana. Some of the homeless are down on their luck, some have mental issues, and some just choose to live their lives on the streets. But when being asked for spare change by someone on the street, how can anyone really make the distinction of who truly needs help and who's juicing you for coins.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo of our "poo bandit" and all the great info. I've sent our site address to Michelle Martinez, our councilwoman in charge of our Ward (Ward 2). Love the posts


Eric said...

Rick Lay is also the area contact for City Clean Up and Code 714-647-3380. I've been hounding him about the conditions along Brown St from Poinsettia up to downtown. Basically, if it looks dirty or you see trash piles call Rick and let him know. They are doing what they can and are responding to us by sending out inspectors or contractors to clean it up. They want to help, Just call.

I once was lost...but now I'm in Portland. said...

I remember her! She camped out in the front of our house once. Then she went poo between one of the buildings. I hope she is captured once again.

complainalin said...

If anyone would like to hear this story, Ben Dayhoe's impersonation of poop lady is hilarious.