Wednesday, September 19, 2007

La Chiquita Mexican Restaurant

In a city with a taqueria on every corner, Mexican food is in abundance. But what if you don't feel like taking a gamble with the chances of getting "fire-rhea"?

Within walking distance of the lofts, hidden in the back streets of Santa Ana lies La Chiquita. Walking to the restaurant is suggested only that afterwards you will feel like you might need some exercise–Not that walking 0.3 miles will do very much for you.

La Chiquita has been a family-owned restaurant serving Santa Ana for the last fifty years. In 1994, Sammy Montoya purchased the restaurant and has since upheld the tradition of La Chiquita goodness.

The service is as friendly as their food is delicious. The restaurant seems more like eating at a family member's house with pictures of customers from years past proudly decorating the walls.

The portions are big and filling, with plenty of love jammed into every bite. Some of my more favorite dishes are the enchiladas and (wet) burritos (The Carnitas Special Burrito with Green Sauce below).

Also available is a fifteen-dollar, 5lb. burrito located at the top of the menu, letting you know right off the bat that they mean business.

You can call in to-go orders ahead of time at (714) 543-8787.
Hours of operation are from 11:30AM-8:00PM daily with the exception of Sundays when they're closed.

Here are directions from the lofts.


Anonymous said...

Definitely good...

The Frito Bandito said...

I wrote a song about the 5lb burrito

I bought my baby... a 5 pound burrito

but she wouldnt eat it- no she wouldnt eat it...

(its a sad song)