Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Water Tower

If you haven't noticed, the Santa Ana water tower is back, better than ever and just in time to celebrate its eightieth birthday next year.

Built in 1928, the water tower served as the primary source of water and pressure for the city of Santa Ana.

Standing tall at 153 feet, the tower can hold about a million gallons of water, but is only filled to about 80% due to recent regulations that came into effect with the retrofitting in 2000. This was also the time when the Tower became a historical landmark, but the exact date is still uncertain (to me that is).

The Santa Ana Water Tower is property of the School District, but the City holds a multi-year lease on the Tower that runs until 2016.

As you know, the tower recently received a face-lift with a price tag of just over a million dollars. The majority of the cost went towards tenting of the tower to prevent over-spray from falling down to the kiddies in the school right below it.

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Anonymous said...

1 million dollars for primer!?!?!? wow what a wonderful addition! it looks like the city got a hell of a deal...