Monday, November 12, 2007

Scratchitti: It Sounds as Stupid as the Act

Sunday nights seem to be the night best night to go tagging. I can’t think of a better way to ruin someone’s week than to start his or her Monday off with some good old-fashioned vandalism.

Sometime last night after 9PM, the glass panes on the roll-up doors on multiple units facing Santa Ana Boulevard were etched. This morning, an Officer came out and after having to be asked to, took down a report (Case Number:07-43666).

Unfortunately people, we are alone in this battle. The City and Police are too busy with the many other problems that plague our City. When it comes to vandalism on our roll-up doors, the Association leaves that problem to the homeowner to fix. When any graffiti isn’t removed quickly enough, the neighborhood soon becomes subject to the Broken Window Theory. Santa Ana proves this theory as fact in my eyes.

So what can we do to try to prevent future vandalism?

  • Keeping a light on doesn’t hurt. Giving the illusion of human presence could deter potential vandals.

  • Look out the window every now and then. If you see something suspicious, call the Police.

  • Go outside and walk around. 9PM on Sunday nights and our community looks like a ghost town.

  • If you see graffiti, clean it up. Don’t expect someone else to do it.

  • When taggers see graffiti stick around for a few days, they know it will be worth their time to come visit your area.

  • Consider investing in products like Vandal Shield that acts as a sacrificial layer in the event of an etching.

  • Enlist in the Ben Dayhoe Neighborhood Patrol Academy. If you can swing a sack of doorknobs, you’re in. You get a free sack, but you gotta supply your own knobs.
Perhaps at our next Association meeting, we should look into having the glass panes included in what the Association insures. I know for sure I, as well as many other residents would sleep better at night if that were the case.

On a side note, myself and a few other residents recently noticed three or four Hispanic teenagers hanging around the community as of late. They like to ride their bikes throughout the complex as well as after-hours in the Waterline parking lot, the building adjacent to the models (you know, the models that were also recently broken into). Coincidence? Perhaps. But it's never a bad idea to be aware of your surroundings.

Note: Please be respectful when posting your thoughts. I only mention race in this topic to help those who keep their eyes and ears open informed, not to start a race discussion. If the kids seen riding their bikes around the complex were Black, White or Asian, I would still use their race to fit their description. Everyone today is ultra-sensitive when it comes to race and there's always someone ready to pull the race card. Let's not forget that race is always a question asked by the Police when used to describe suspicious individual(s).

Thank you.


Spencer Hoo said...

maybe we can put together a petition PRIOR TO the next HOA meeting.

Anonymous said...

I've chased those kids off a couple of times. I think it's time they realize how not welcome they are.

Anonymous said...

here is another suggestion... depending on the cost of course... maybe we should look into installing security cameras around the perimeters of the community. We should also add signs to let these pricks know that they may be recorded.

Santa Ana Slim said...

I second the camera install. It's a one time cost and not only will it deter the act (hopefully), if they still do it we can hunt them down and scratchitti their I mean turn it over to police and go through all the proper channels to have justice served.

urbanmessiah said...

I 3rd the cameras, I'm already looking at the wireless models for my own place. We need to make this the numero uno issue at the next meeting. I'll gladly take the $500 I'm looking at spending and put it towards a pro system.

Anonymous said...

economic genocide = a better santa ana

Anonymous said...

Cameras are an excellent idea! Got to keep an eye out for all those HISPANIC kids hanging out around downtown area lofts where they surely don't belong!

Anonymous said...

Take it for what you will, it's the truth.

Modern, Ever! Victorian, Never! said...

I am sorry, am I missing something? one of the reasons we all love santa ana it’s because it is a multicultural city, no? not ALL Hispanic kids are committing crimes or gang members, you know?

Ben Dayhoe said...

Cameras are a good idea, but I remember hearing/reading some legality issues associated should we implement that idea.

Anyone have a lawyer-friend we could consult with first?

Just a word to the wise, keep in mind that this Blog is read by many around the County.

I would hate for someone to assume that we are pointing the finger at a specific race. Oh how people love to play  the race card  these days.

It's the eternal get out any serious debate card.

When it comes down to it, homeless, teenagers, poo-lady and trash-diggers do not belong in our complex.

UrbanMessiah said...

Northside has a few attorneys, both of which practice out of the lofts. I think one is actually a Civil Liberties esq.

Spencer Hoo said...

the unit that Pilar Wayne was supposed to purchase (who her own children stopped her from moving forward on), was purchased by an attorney I hear.

CreativeJuices said...

My next door neighbor is a Civil Rights Attorney and she is soo cool! She will be moving in December and I am sure she won’t mind helping us!
Ben, thank you so much for stopping by the other night and making me aware of the model home break in and all the tagging that happened on the units facing Santa Ana Boulevard. It was lovely meeting ya, btw.

Ben said...

Urbanmessiah/Spencer, thanks for the info about the lawyers. It definitely sounds like we should look into security cameras again.

CreativeJuices, thank you for joining the Blog and for the heads up about your neighbor.

Curious, I usually don't introduce myself as Ben being that since I was a kid, I've always wanted a secret identity (thank you Bruce Wayne). Was it that obvious who I am or has my cover been blown?

CreativeJuices said...

not obvious and your cover is safe...
it was just my 6th sense capabilities kickin' in ; )

CreativeJuices said...

hey guys,

i just saw 3 kids across from my unit spraying on the buildings across the street from the lofts (937 + 939 n santiago street). unfortunately, i could not find my cell phone fast enough to call someone or the police and when i went back to look out from the window, they were long gone..... i am pretty new here and only met a handfull of peeps, but i think it might be a good idea if we keep a list with each others phones close at hand for moments like these?

Ben Dayhoe said...

CreativeJuices, thanks for the heads up about what transpired across from 937/939. Even if you did have your cell phone in hand with SAPD on speed dial, it would still take 10 minutes for a patrol to arrive.

After I read your post, I went outside to check things out and low and behold, there were two punks tagging the bricks on the unit next to the model homes. By the time the Police had arrived, they were long gone.

I contemplated confronting them but there were no lights on in any of the units on the Boulevard. I was also kicking myself because I had left home without my Jesus (beating) Stick.

Send me an email with your phone number and unit number and I will respond with mine.

I love your idea of having a SSL directory and will work on putting one together. Anyone who is also interested should send over their contact information as well.