Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Santa Ana Police, This Better Be Good."

I love my dog for many reasons. One of them is because she is so well house trained. When it's time for her to go outside to use the restroom, she tells me–even if it is 1:20 in the morning.

As usual, I brought my cell phone with me just in case I needed to phone the police (speed dial #9), and tonight was one of those nights. Being that Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, most of the parties are taking place right now, beginning some 4-5 hours ago.

Walking the pooch, I noticed several cars fly by me at speeds close to 50mph in 25mph areas, while others were taking off from stop signs so fast, their tires screeched loudly for a few seconds until they were able to grab asphalt and bolt down the back streets. Then, there were the two dudes in a truck that were obviously drunk, speeding down Civic Center Drive.

I quickly grabbed my phone and placed a call to Santa Ana Police where I was greeted with the frequent "Unless you have been stabbed or shot, then I really don't give a f*ck" attitude from the operator. I gave her the location and direction of the offenders and asked if there were any units available, could they possibly check things out.

"No. We are really busy tonight so that's not possible." I then kindly asked her to see if any units would be returning from calls in nearby areas if they could just drive through to give a Police presence. "That's probably not going to happen, okay? Have a good night". Click.

Frustrated, I headed back to my house, disturbed with the thought that our property taxes due in the next week or so keeps quality employees like this on payroll.

I suppose the only half-way decent hourly employees at this time of night (morning) are the ones working at the 7-11's-and they seem to be the ones always getting robbed. Hopefully, when that time comes, their call to Santa Ana Police is met with a little more professionalism.


Stephen Manning said...

Completely unacceptable response from SAPD. DUI Apparents pose an immediate threat to people and property. That is an automatic Code 2 dispatch!!! Consider the possibilities; you DIDN'T notice them, they come up up the street behind you, make a drunken error in judgment, jump the curb and kill you. The more I think about this the more pissed off I'm getting!

Unknown said...

Call our area Police liason Gabrielle Aldey at 714-245-8738 and complain, she'll have to file a report and then send it to a supervisor. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's better then nothing..

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Not the first time I heard this, really. I think it is totally unfair.. It is such a sad situation.

Anonymous said...

Really unfair. I wish you ca take legal advise against them. Thank you for enlightening us on this.

Condo for Sale in London ON said...

Hopefully the offenders that you witnessed did not cause any damage to anyone or anything -- it is awful that the police wouldn't respond to your call (not to mention were very rude about it).