Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"You have a nice neighborhood, FOR ME TO POOP ON!"

This last weekend, our local celebrity, The Poo Lady, twice again visited our complex. It seems to me, after being cussed and screamed at by her (twice), that there is no reasoning with this lady; she is determined to use our neighborhood as her personal baƱo.

One of our neighbors put a call into the Police after her first visit. Although she had high-tailed it by the time the officer arrived, he was able to give a little background on this individual. Turns out that officer had arrested her before (just after tasering her), after violently refusing to disband after he instructed her to do so.

As much as it bothers me to see a heaping turd and napkin-toilet paper on our property, Poo Lady brings something to our City that you just don't find in others like Irvine.

Click the image below if you liked peeking at your presents when you were a kid.


Stephen Manning said...

Let's all keep super soakers next to our front door and ambush her in action. Maybe some Lysol mixed with water would do her good.

Anonymous said...

wow, she needs more leafy green vegetables.

Anonymous said...

at least she didnt have diarrea... if you see her, please call the police asap... otherwise she will poop again

Anonymous said...

Apparently it doesn't make for good compost, that's been sitting there for a week.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reports.

I believe I've seen this woman on the OCTA all-nighters, a couple of times.

Great looking blog!

You will be added to my Blogroll this morning. ;-D

Anonymous said...

wow. that picture is a bit too much information!

How old do you think she is?

Ben Dayhoe said...

That poo didn't make for good compost, but it's been taken care of.

More leafy green vegetables can only lead to more and easier 'movements'.

The Mad Macedonian brings up an interesting point. I wonder what other cities and communities she has 'marked' as her own.

Anon-I warned you about the pic, but you had to peek ;)

I think she's in her mid-late 50's. Homeless seem older with their constant sun exposure.

Anonymous said...

If u are interested in the Viet Namese community, then there is a thread about it here: