Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween (2008)

Today marks our third Halloween at the Santiago Street Lofts and I'm hoping to break our record of the two trick-or-treaters that came to our door last year.

Our first year here back in 2006, my wife and I waited patiently downstairs as the night went by without a single trick-or-treater. Still to this day, my wife and I are trying to work off the weight we gained from all of the leftover candy from that night.

I've always seen Halloween as one of the best holidays of the year. It's a day where people can showcase their creativity, kids get to stay out late collecting candy (or pennies which always sucked), and a man can walk outside in the middle of the day dressed in full drag and the mailman wants to take a photo with him.

So if you're hunting for a good haunting later tonight, look no further than Downtown Santa Ana as Bistro 400, Tommy Pastrami, Memphis and Proof Bar will each be hosting unique Halloween parties.

Maybe I'll see you there :)

I leave you with theses videos in the spirit of the holiday.

This one's also fun, though I'm not sure it's a good idea to try this in Santa Ana ;)

Happy Halloween!


Slaymetender said...

so, did you get any trick or treaters?

Ben Dayhoe said...

We had 8 (four times as many as last year)!

They were on their way to a nearby carnival. So when I saw them pass by the front door, I ran out to give them their candy.

Maybe next year we'll have 32 trick-or-treaters!