Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Projection Project

About this time last year, a few of us here at the lofts thought about projecting snowflakes on the buildings during the December '08 Art Walk. Unfortunately, the idea never got past a few rough concepts done in Flash, but hey, it was definitely worth trying.

Enter 2009 and two industry professionals; visual graphics guru Matik and mix-master of Free the Robots/The Crosby fame, Chris Alfaro. Together, along with the Downtown Santa Ana Management District comes a 3D projection project worthy of the pages of Gizmodo. Event info below from the Downtown OC (don't call it that) Life website:

Downtown Incorporated invites you to experience a visual journey through imagination, distorted perception, and holiday ambiance. Using unique animation modules and multiple high-powered projectors the facade of the historic Spurgeon Building will be illuminated in a spectacle of seasonal inspired extreme light and shadow morphing the existing architecture. Motion Graphics Presented by Matik Musical Accompaniments Produced by Chris Alfaro and The Definiens Project Projection performances continue Thursday – Saturday evenings from 7-9pm through December 27th.

What a great show, right? Which gets me thinking–if I can get my hands on an Epson Projector and a portable power supply, I just might have a Left 4 Dead/Modern Warfare art piece for an upcoming Art Walk!

Update: This post was partially published in the OC Register. An online version of the post can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

"(don't call it that)" EXACTLY! When are people going to start identifying themselves by their city around here. :-) I live in SANTA ANA. Which just happens to be in Orange County, CA. I don't live in "The OC" or "OC" I live in Santa Ana!

Anonymous said...

Not much happening with this projection.
The first night, one of the computers geeked and this weekend they couldn't do the shows because of the rain.
They get good marks for the hype, but not so good for the execution.
Maybe this weekend they'll get it together.

junior said...

Hey Ben - Congrats on your h/t from the OC Reg on this article:

Anonymous said...

Tonight is a big nite! Don't miss it!

Alokseowgc said...

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