Monday, November 12, 2007

Model Home Break-In

Last Thursday, November 8, Santa Ana CSI answered a burglary call in one of the model homes. Turns out that the thief/thieves were able to enter the garage door by breaking a glass pane at the top of the door, unlock the security latch, and headed straight for the plasma television on the second floor. Pretty clever if you ask me.

If you don't do so already, I would highly suggest locking the door that leads from your first floor to your garage. Those crooks sure went through a lot of work for a tv that wasn't even 1080p!


ssl supporter said...

I can't believe Lennar doesn't have alarms on their models. These thieves were obviously very well aware of what was inside (since they keep the TVs running 24/7). I wonder if anyone actually drove through the complex, saw what was happening, and decided to just ignore it. This "not my problem" type of attitude will only hurt us in the future. The thieves might target an actual residence next time...and then what? Is it still "not my problem"? We're all vulnerable and need a better sense of community. We should definitely have more of those community get togethers that just took place this past weekend.

Santa Ana Slim said...

I'm not convinced anyone actually lives in the complex. I don't ever see anyone. You drive your car into your garage and that's the end of it. There's no common areas or walkways to even run into your neighbors. The only time you see your neighbor is when you coincidentally leave at the same time, and then it's just a wave through your car window. Unfortunately I couldn't make it this weekend, but I'm hoping we can have more community gatherings as well. SSL Softball Team anyone?

Anonymous said...

Let's start a tagging crew, "SSL" We'll fit in with our neighbors that way!

Anonymous said...

Santa Ana Slim, I'm sorry you don't see your neighbors and haven't connected with them.

I'm not sure which phase you are referring to, but I see my neighbors all of the time and I know just about everyone here and we knock on each other's doors frequently. We chat through our windows too.

Maybe you live in the new phase on the north side? I think the get togethers are great too.

Ben said...

I like the idea of a softball team–especially since we've got an empty lot at our disposal!

We should definitely have more back alley meet and greets. One could say that it is pretty odd that we all communicate more frequently online than we do face-to-face.

Nonetheless, as long as the lines of communication stay open, this community stands a fighting chance.

Slim, I agree with you that our hood can seem like a ghost town, but it's up to all of us to get out and get to know each other. If anyone of us wanted to live secluded and sheltered lives, then moving here was a poor decision.

Anonymous said...

Meeting Neighbors isn't effortless. I make an effort to walk around the ENTIRE loft project ever evening that i'm at home. And i see others doing the same through the "phase 2" side motorcourt. If you see me wandering around run downstairs and invite me in, i won't bite. :-) I think we are in a lot better shape than our southern neighbors... (South OC) because i know several of you guys already and i only moved in on 10/27!

Santa Ana Slim said...

Perhaps we can establish a forum or something. It would be easier to set up play dates then through the comments. I know one of my neighbors does a monthly bike ride with some group he's part of. It's unrelated to SSL but perhaps we could organize things like that. I don't really know everyone well enough to know what they are and are not into. I know there are some free forum services out there. You seen savvy enough to figure it out, but if you want any help or some ideas, you can email me at SantaAnaSlim at Yahoo dot com.

DakotaSoda said...

I would love to see a SSL softball team! How fun would that be?! I appreciate everyone's efforts in getting the community together. I haven't been able to attend all of the meeting/gatherings, but I love that they're being offered. As soon as my boyfriend and I get some furniture, you're all invited to come over and test it out!

I am personally terrified of someone breaking into my home. Another issue is roof access. I know that's something I need to address, it needs to be locked.

I also like the idea of a forum. That may work better than a blog, although I'm glad we have this at least. Thanks for doing such a superb job of informing us of the community happenings. :)

Ben Dayhoe said...

Dakota, I'm not sure what side of the street you are on, but when we moved in, Steve, our customer care representative used a removable metal clip to lock the roof on the inside, making access from the outside tough. I'm not sure if that same courtesy was extended to the units on the North end of the Boulevard.

A forum is a good idea and something I too thought about a while back. It would be nice to hear what other people have to bring to the table. I'm only one voice who cares deeply about the community and its success. The fact that people come to this Blog and comment is a great honor and keeps me excited about making the move to the SSL.

I'll look into the forum idea again, but I've also got some other ideas up my sleeve as well.