Saturday, January 19, 2008


Take a break today from the posting wars on the blogs and check out this film. If you are someone who liked the concept of the Blair Witch Project, but were disappointed in its overall execution, then Cloverfield is a must.

Just some advice–Don't go into this film expecting to get all of the answers like you would in traditional monster/sci-fi/horror flicks, but instead, the movie leaves the horror to your own imagination; which is always scarier than anything I've ever seen on the screen.

In fact, this movie succeeds because the monster takes a backseat to the main plot, which is one of survival, while trying to escape from New York with your friends and loved ones.

During this film, you will laugh, be frustrated, clinch your fists, jump back in your seat in terror, well up, get dizzy, get a love story, and see a giant monster go apesh!t in the world's greatest city.

You tell me where else I can get all of that for less than $10!

Note: If you get queasy when watching friends play games like Halo or Call of Duty, you might want to take some Dramamine prior. Also, watching it on a smaller screen makes it a little easier for you to focus when things (all too frequently) go to hell.


The Frito Bandito said...


Now THAT was a movie.

The part with the "Bite" was a bit silly... but its the best example of the Godzilla genre I've ever seen. The balance of the fantastic with the realism of the camcorder makes for an exciting but uncomfortable 2 hours.

Uncomfortable in a good
"scary movie" kinda way.

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Anonymous said...

good concept, but had a hard time readjusting my equilibrium after.

Ben Dayhoe said...

In typical J.J. Abrams fashion, this viral-video is making its way on to the interweb.

More insight on the Cloverfield monster to come?