Thursday, January 10, 2008

Take it from the Top

I snapped this photo the other night while I was on the roof checking for residual puddles after the recent showers. The night clear and brisk, and the view of the city lights offered a much-need break from the madness that sets in halfway through the workweek.

I'm going to be looking into purchasing an attic ladder in the next few months to make future trips to the rooftop a little easier. If I find one that's worthwhile, I'll definitely pass it along.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot Ben.

I've never been on my rooftop, what did you find in the way of puddles?


Rainmixer said...

I am definitely going to make it a hang out spot up there... only for me and my significant other... I don't think it's wise to have a big crowd up there...

Ben Dayhoe said...


Very small puddles that are probably evaporated by now. It's worth the trouble every now and then to take a trip up there. Just watch out for the latch on the hatch–It'll scratch your back up pretty good if you're not careful.


I too wouldn't have too many folks up there either. That would be a pretty long (and expensive) drop if someone fell through!

The Frito Bandito said...

I love it up there.

Only done it once though.

Its such a pain to get my ladder

up there and then to get the

little drywall square to fit right

when I'm done.

An attic ladder would be great!