Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saying No to “NoLo”

A few days ago, a friend of mine turned my attention to this surprise that has also caught the eye of the OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano.

Needless to say, I too was very disappointed. I guess that since I don't host art galleries, I didn't have a say.

This ill-conceived nickname (being that we really aren't north of anything except Ware) can only further widen the gap between the new residents (lofties) and the old (everyone else).

Sure, I want to see positive changes come to Santa Ana and would love nothing more than to have a Chipotle across the street (A man can dream, right?), but I don't think anything positive will come by renaming a neighborhood you just moved into.

C’mon now, how can anyone say no to these?


Urban Messiah said...

I don't know what's worse, the geographically inept name or that guy's faux hawk.

Maybe some kids here at the lofts need to study up and buy the BOOK written about Logan?

I don't know, just a thought before anyone goes and makes another PR mess.

Frito Bandito and the New Urbanists said...

Yeah... that was dumb.

We didn't need that.

Lets just publicly admit

that our diabolical secret

society of urban hipsters

didn't sign off on that name

and move on.

It was just one

well meaning but

somewhat overzealous


We'll concede this one thing to Goose...

But I'm not calling it SoLo

(It sounds like "So Low")

Which, frankly

is what we are currently

trying to change.

dick cabeza said...

to: ben dayhoe

i think that we could be distant cousins - take care cuz.

best regards,

dick cabeza

urban blah blah said...

while, yes the name NoLo now seems like possibly a bad idea, it was something that was tossed around by some residents at the lofts back and forth until one day it seemed lie ti stuck, it was neaver meant to mean it was inthe north part of Logan neighborhood, but north in Santa Ana and in the Logan neighborhood. Sorry everyone is so pissy about it, sheesh. it's not like we are trying to legally re-name the city, we're trying to make a fun cool name for our little island there at SSL...and might I add that when it was discussed, it was never really decided upon, and we all agreed that it shoudl harken to the name Logan, so we were trying to be geographically, and culturally correct in same way, I mean we did think about it. And while we are on that subject, there is one thing that our new nieghbors, and older residents of the bario of Logan need to realize is that the people living at theLofts are very proud of our little neighborhood and emerging community, and we're not all for wiping out what once existed. We don't want a starbucks on every corner in our neighborhood. But we all want a nicer place to live. I mean it's laughable that the people of Logan that are complaining about SSl seem to be romanticinzing the days of dirt lots and run down wharehouses in the place where the lofts now stand. not to mention the prostitution, heroin scores, guns, and all that other great stuff to ahve in your community. yes folks not but 5 years ago this was exactly what this area was. I'm talking now specifically aobut the lots where we now live and call home. One thing is certain, is that we are not the enemy! We all want a nicer place to live and call our community. whether you liek it or not, development is going to happen, and it's time to stop fighting it, start embracing it, and helping to make it happen in a sensitive epaceful manor that bennefits everyone. I mean gentrification seems to be such a nasty word, but forms of it can actually be very benneficial to a community if done correctly. People who own property in Logan area need to realize that yes, your property is sometimes being re-zoned, but with added development of the right kind your property is also worht 2-3 times more than it currently stands. As a property owner myself, and osmeone who wants a better life, and abetter life for my posterity, this sounds liek a nice thing to me. Now I am completely open to debate about any of this and I can see all sides. But let's stop the fighting and sit down calmly liek adults and talk to each other about this stuff. Writing nasty articles in the OC weekley which is in and of itself a very shading publication does nothing to better the situation, it jsut gets people riled up for some old fashioned name calling.
By us comign up with a cool name for our coomunity of SSL we are jsut trying to make a way for people from elsewhere to associate with, I mean we are not part of the artwalk downtown, and we're not trying to be, we're trying to do our own thing and make our mark. people seriously, I mean seriously need to remove the proverbial sticks from thier bumms!
We are all trying to make a better community. Keeping it dumpy and dank feeling, smelling, and looking is no way to make it better. CAse inpoint, look at eh crime rate in the area 1.5 years ago, look at it 1 year ago, and look at it today, now I woudl argue that this is large in part by the constant policing of the entire area by residents of the lofts. Now wouldn't you think that this is now a better place for your family.
Chris Bradley- Resident at SSL and proud purveyor of the ideas of this community!

urban blah blah said...

PSS- I wanted to add one thing, from the last comment, the so called overzealous Gallery that publicly called this place NoLo is also the gallery and the wonoderful people that ahve opened up thier gallery space on quite a few occassions as an overflow shelter to feed and cloth the homeless of our very community, so before anyone from any walk of life or publication starts condemming anything or anyone, jsut sit back for aminute and think about that! Good people live here, some of the best I've ever met, and I'm damn proud to call them all neighbors and friends! At least people here are actively seeking things to do to better this place and the lives of those in our neighborhood.
Peace in the hood
Chris Bradley

urban blah blah said...

...and another thing, if the OC weekley thinks they are so subversive, why don't they write stories about calling people out on corruption in this County. Write about real shit, not about what a few people on A BLOCK were thinking about calling their hood!
Seriously, get a life!
see they got me all riled up! Just what they wanted to do...They've won! ArghhH!

urban blah blah said...

...and for that matter, why don't the OC weekley talk about how they are in fact owned by one of the most corrupt ginormous publishing monopolies in the US. Village Voice Media! Lets hear a story about that and the internal politics of that...yeah I got friends who worked there for 10 years, til they could handle it no longer. As far as I'm concerned the OC weekley is "THE MAN" and they've got abunch of little upstart writers working for nothin trying to get thier big break in the world so they're trying their hardest to be on the edge, well, they just are not. And I find it absolutely hilarious, that one of the people condemming this palce jsut walked into my gallery this week and bought a piece of art! But didn't have th balls to say anything to my face! That's fucking awsome, let's talk about people getting real! getting together in the community face to face.

Ben Dayhoe said...

No one is arguing the fact that our presence here has had an overall positive impact on the Logan community.

But did anyone in the NoLo think tank had the foresight to see the possible ramifications of the cutsie nickname?

Or was it a mentality that "there's so such thing as bad publicity"?

Granted, Gustavo makes his living by getting people riled up, but that doesn't take away from his argument in this case.

But seriously, even playfully nicknaming this area NoLo justifies the fears of the long-time Logan residents that the "New Urbanist" are here to bulldoze everything they hold dear.

We need to build a bridge and to get their full support in creating a better Santa Ana for all. Once the residents know what we're all about, they'll soon realize that we are all on the same page. They've been f*cked over one too many times by this city and their trust has worn thin.

Take a note from Lost. We are the crash survivors, they are the ones trying to protect the island.

Anonymous said...

Gee Gustavo, thanks for the "welcome". Excuse us for thinking we could be part of a neighborhood. I'm a navtive too, probably older than you.

I don't think anyone here wants to take over Logan, and certainly does not want to ruin the "organic" flavor, however it does need some tidying up. How can you educate people on the history of a neighborhood, if people are afraid to go there?

The "NoLo" name was not sanctioned by the homeowners but your editorial is overzealous and smacks of a territorial mentality

Rebekah King said...

Just one thing from the gal that spent the time to create the blog overwhich such ado has been made...

Will SantiagoLoftArtWalk piss anyone off? Please hop over to the blog and make some suggestions, and I'll even create a poll so we can take votes and go with the group consensus.

All I'm trying to do is create a rallying point for people to find information about the artists and other businesses in the block. We moved the date of the art walk to the 3rd weekend of the month so that visitors could attend the art walk in the santori area... which is beautiful by the way.

Thanks for all the conversation, it's glad to see there are voices out there, as Chris seems to have (until now) gotten so little feedback on what we can do as a community to promote the area.

FYI - we had alot of visitors over the holidays from the locals coming to get food & clothing & toys for their kids. Only one other location in the entire county listed itself on the county-wide support directory (211 infolink). I don't think any of those people thought we were trying to chase them out of their community.

This was supposed to be about PR to get everyone's business growing, not about killing off the neighbors.

Post your name comments to the blog and I'll put the poll up on Monday for one week to give everyone time to vote on a new name. If you want this all to go away, I can do that too, say so in the blog comments and we'll just promote our own gallery and not mention the neighbors (vehemently NOT my preference, and a very sad prospect). Does this sound fair?

Frito Bandito and the New Urbanists said...

Chris is sure making up for lost time!

Welcome to the fold good neighbor! its good to see you here. (Your saying what we're all thinking I promise you.)

You know, I did say the gallery was well intentioned...

The thing is,
that whether its time for outreach or for circling the wagons, Its never a good idea to give territorial and paranoid activists something simple to rally around.

They live for that.

Gustavo Arellano said...

Urban Blah Blah/Chris: Take all the potshots you want at the Weekly, but our record at exposing corruption stands much better than your warped sense of geography and spelling.

urban blah blah said...

There was actually a lot of thought over the cutsie name, actually, like the fact that everyone is so afraid of the crack ghetto of Santa Ana, and putting a silly name like WeHo, Soho...NoLo, SoLo, whatever is a way for people from elsewhere who are afraid to even drive into this area will feel like theres something accessible to them here besides, whores and heroin houses. Gritty but still accessible. I'll take the wrap for the name because it was my marketing brain child for the gallery co-op of people here at the lofts...but I will not appoligize for it. I still think haveing a name that people will associate with this area (meaning the lofts, not Logan area) because it's obvious that they want nothing to do with us ,but just for the lofts.
Anyone got any ideas. i threw out a ton of ideas to pretty much every gallery owner in here, and nobody bocked at any of it, but now it seems as though everyone is hedging on it because some dude with half an english degree said poo poo on you. I am all for Logan district blah blah whatever, but more than that I am for promoting the lofts here, and promoting my business as well as others here, completely aside from any Logan neighborhood BS.
I will not appologize for offending anyone if I have, because I dont feel that anyone has done anything wrong. So if you are offended by anything I say in this blog, then get over it. I mean who is a newspaper to police what someone wants to call their block. I don't know man, i just can't get over that, it's soooo lame. I have said it already once today, get a life! you think you're fighting the good fight, but you're jsut waisting time until you die.
I live here, I pay my taxes and I'm going to speak my mind!
and I'm not looking for a war, but if someone is going to forge one, then i'll give it back 10 fold.
Frito- this is why I have not come to the blog much, it's such a time sucker, and most of the time it's like talking to a brick wall...or a computer screen, whichever comes first.
Chris B. - personally diversifying Santa Ana since 2006!

urban blah blah said...

I dissagree, I think my track record of poor typing (100 miles and hour) stands better.

urabn blah blah said...

...and for the record, I did apologize for my poor spelling in one of my previous post, I really am typing while at work 100 miles an hour, because unfortunately I don't get paid to post on blogs all day long.
So Gustav, to you I say, let's chalk this up to, I don't agree with you, and you don't agree with me, and neither one of us is going to change the other's mind. I have personally killed my blogging quota for the year in one fell swoop today, and lowered myslef to a level I have not since college getting worked up over something so insignificant. But I will add that it does show a big sense of community that people do get so worked up over things. It's better than nobody caring at all.
Signing off for the year,
Chris B.

The King of May said...

You know what happens when you bring light into the darkness?

I'll tell you what happens:

You disturb a lot of creepy shit.

thats what happens.

But you cant just turn off the lights... Not now.
Because your committed.

And surrounded.

the second you douse that light
some nasty thing's gonna try to eat your brain...

Anonymous said...

Well you made my decission for me. I was about to dump a bunch of money into the advertising and promotion fo this place but now, Im closing shop. Saturday will be our last show. Tired of loosing money trying to promote and getting not a bit of help. Thanks for trashing us. Didnt see some of you helping us with the clothing and food drives we had for the shelters and the community. Someone else can take that over also.


Urban Messiah said...

I think that instead of throwing in the towel, and throwing stones for that matter, it would be more productive for us, loft owners, to sit down and discuss this. There are multiple sides to this which need to be discussed, the idea in itself is good, the lofts are an island and trying to tell people about the "Santiago Street Lofts Art Show down by the train station" is a mouth full. But it needn't be a PR mess...which isn't always a bad thing. Who was it that said "even bad press is good press." Warhol?

Frito Bandito and the New Urbnanists. said...

OK, we can call it SoLo.


everybody's happy.

Even Goose.

Whose happiness is,

of course,

my foremost priority.

A room with a view said...

And I feel bad for Chris, and I agree with him. I hate pandering to whiners- who as Chris put it: "Romanticize the days of dirt lots and run down warehouses" Part of me wants to call it NoLo just to spite them. Even if it isn't accurate, in fact it could be like our little joke. And Frito, you and Gustavo are on a collision course. I hope you didn't bite off more than you can chew, hes got a book deal you know. A book deal!

Gustavo Arellano said...

Room: Go ahead and call it NoLo, and perpetuate all the stereotypes of Brave New Urbanists that so many folks rightfully revile. Both Ben and a couple of others on this blog are cognizant enough of geography and history to realize such a term is ridiculous. By the way, Chris and Room: who is "romanticizing" dirt lots and warehouses, and how? Please provide specific examples.

Robert said...

Hey guys I just spoke to the guys from the Crosby at Proff today. They told me that they might open it on Feb.

The reason it has taken so long is that they have to get all the permits and legal issues before they can open it.

I did tell them that we are really stoked for that place to open and there really flattered.

There trying really hard to open it and they trying to bring more people to invest and open more bars and clubs in this city.

Don't give up hope guys, pretty soon were all going to have a place like Downtown Long beach, Remember the best thing come to those that wait.

Two Fisted Mama said...

Whats a Crosby?

Anonymous said...

The term NOLO was hatched because we (the "hipster scum" that share this neighborhood with other Santa Ana residents) wanted a quicker (clever) way to say the Santiago-Street-Art-Lofts-at-Santiago-Street-and-Santa-Ana-Boulevard-Across-the-Street-from-the-Train-Station, not unlike the SOBECCA nickname that refers to Costa Mesa's neighborhood near the The Lab. It was conceived as describing our location within Santa Ana - the NORTH portion of the city - and our PROXIMITY to Logan, not our existence WITHIN Logan. I just thought it was a clever way to shorten directions to our house, which resides in North Santa Ana, near the Logan neighborhood. I'm not trying to claim hispanic cred, I'm not trying to gentrify the area, I'm not trying to tear anybody's house down. I'm just a white girl who works her ass off to scrape enough money together to pay a MORTGAGE every month, so I can live in the most urban city in Orange County, Santa Ana, and try to contribute to its success, its diversity, its safety, and its camaraderie. I suppose that's naive on my part, assuming that paying $6,000 in taxes every year would contribute to the city's success, and buying all my groceries and gas here contributes to its economy, and being a patron of local businesses is supporting my neighbors, or assuming that a white girl could be accepted into the established local cultural neighborhood. All I know is that I bought a house here, I have lived here for 2 years, and I walk the streets of this area like all of the other residents, hispanic and otherwise, and I say hello to my neighbors, hispanic and otherwise. I live here, my home is here. I'm sorry you think I'm trying to ruin the area and bleed it of all history just because I choose to sell art out of the first floor of my house.

Anonymous said...

And to Gustavo, I am personally hurt that you would come to my home and give me a bunch of lip service about how much you loved my house and the way we decorated it and my gallery and the art show, and then, after BUYING some art from me, go and stab me in the back in a public forum. I don't understand why you would attack this development, this concept, and my business after supporting it! To save some face among your Latino amigos?!? The local SanTana barrio residents that you DON'T rub shoulders with every day, yourself living in ANAHEIM?

There's A New Vendido and his name is said...

It's safe to say that Gustavo Arellano is the new vendido and a complete hypocrite!

No wonder, some of his own people are atacking him and think he is a racist:

And this Gustavo, comes from A REAL MEXICAN, proud to be living in the Santiago Street Lofts. Born and raised in Mexico City, not in white supremacist Anaheim!

Gustavo Arellano said...

Hey Anonymous Chilango: for you to use the Mexica Movement to build an argument against me being somehow hypocritical and a vendido is like using a toilet roll to hit a Nolan Ryan fastball. Try harder!

there's A New Vendido and his name is said...

Gustavo: If you think that you are above everyone else (including Mexicans that don't subscribe to your racist BS!), than you have just lowered yourself a few notches. Keep it up. The world is watching.

The Real Mexican

Gustavo Arellano said...

I'm not the one using a indigeNazi organization as part of my argument--that's all you, chulo. Never claimed I was above anyone else, either, although your insistence on anonymity sure puts you in that category, ¿qué no? Hey Ben: why is it that some of your readers insert words and thoughts into my writings that simply aren't there? Are they getting delirious from those Chipotle images?

Ben Dayhoe said...

Just go watch Cloverfield everyone!

urban blah blah said...

So, I've come out of retirement, that whole day of not blogging did me some good. All I have to say is that yes, I think Gustav is in fact making a lot of hypocritical statements as we all do sometimes. one I just thought of this morning was the fact that he whines about the new urbanists and hipsters taking over Santa Ana (Which he can't seem to spell correctly even though he attacked my spelling yesterday, while I was at work typing my thoughts as fast as I could get them out of my head and into the computer screen) that being said, the very Hipsters he speaks of pretty much make up the entire population of people who support his own girlfriend's business (The Road Less Travelled). I myself have supported this business on many occasions and continue to do so. I highly doubt that residents of the beloved Bario of Logan are rolling up into businesses such as RLT and paying $200 for organically grown cotton sheets made with pesticide free dyes and purchasing 0 VOC paints for their houses, etc...
The point is people, that none of that matters. Everyone is a hypocrite at some point. We can sit here all day and let Gustavs arguments eat us up and we can get riled up, and call him on every little reverse racist comment he may make...just like he wants, or we can leave it be...He wants to fuel a war over nothing. There has been no wrong doing by anyone here at SSL. There's nothing here to write about, so he's trying to create something to write about. It''s his job, he gets paid by the good folks at Village Voice Media to drum up shit and stir the pot! If there's nothing to write about, he loses his job. Not that I wish any ill fate like that upon anyone, but what I'm saying is, if we don't look at it, it will go away. Nobody really cares about some article. We are all (including myself) throwing away too much time and good energy getting defensive over something we need not defend. End of Story!
And to that end..the art walk at SSL is tonight so everyone make it out for a drink and enjoy some art if you can...even you Gustav. I'm sure over it. I hope you are.

Robert said...

I don't understand, why some of you guys want to throw in the towel and give up on dream to make this city be an Urban place where young professionals like you and me can call our own.

If someone says something negative about you and the place where you live. (Just don't listen to their Crap!) your just taking the bait for his own entertainment.

I have meet a couple of you at the RSP meeting this past Thursday and like I said, A lot of you guys need to understand the culture of this city and why people of Logan don't really open up to the residents that live at the santiago lofts.

I spoke to Sean about the culture of this city and that a lot of us young professionals that are natives to this city are not against any of you. We support you and hope more of you would come and help us fix this city.

A lot of us young professionals that are natives to Santa Ana support you guys, but like a lot of us don't really know that much of the Santiago Lofts and it's residents.

We know more of the art walk at the Sontora Building on the first Sat of the month. Since it has a night life. Soon, your going to meet more people like me and we would give you our full support you guy need on what you and us are trying to accomplish in this city.

I hope I would see you guys at the art walk today. I'll be there late around 10, since I have to finish some design projects for a client.

Robert said...

Well Said Chris.
I see your growing thick skin.

Glad to read that your realizing that it's his job.

Ben Dayhoe said...

"Hey Ben: why is it that some of your readers insert words and thoughts into my writings that simply aren't there? Are they getting delirious from those Chipotle images?"

Leave Chipotle out of this. Are you trying to get on my bad side?!


Two Fisted Mama said...

Not everybody in the hood has a problem with you hipsters, I know I don't! I think that this RSP idea is the best thing to happen to this city in a very long time! You boys and girls are paving the way for better things to come and don't never let nobody tell you any different!


Urban Messiah said...

urban blah blah said...


Hey we missed you last night. Was hoping to meet you. We would like to meet you and talk more about how people feel about the lofts and see if there's a way to bridge the gap between our little island and the neighborhoods around us. I think we'd all like to
educate the surrounding peoples with our good intentions, and lay any fears to rest. I'd also like to meet "Two Fisted Mama". Seems as though he/she lives there in Logan. We all only want positivity and good change for this community. None of us would have moved here otherwise, and we all knew it would be an uphill battle, but I think we're all good for it. I think I speak broadly, for all of the loft owners here when I say that.
Maybe we can meet sometime downtown for Coffee or something.
We all wish we had a coffee shop or cafe right here in the hood, but alas, I think it will be a while before that happens.


Robert said...


I went there around 10:30 pm and I noticed all the shops were closed. I drove around on my truck to see if anybody was out there I noticed a shop that was closing. I wanted to ask her about what time does the art walk close, But, I didn't want to bother her. Since im a 6.5 foot Mexican approaching her that late at night might make her feel uncontroble lol. I noticed some other shop open next to her, but when I parked my truck and got there it was closed. I guess the dude went back in. So, I decided to go to proff and get my drink on. lol

What time do you guys close? Sean e-mailed me that he wont be there since he went to SD for a friends party. Hopefully we can chat on the next art Walk on Feb 2. I would be there early. Or ask Sean for my e-mail.

I posted some suggestions that you might be interested in (On what would you build) forum, read it and you would understand on why Logan and Lacy don't open up. Since there scared of the BROWN OUT plan.
I also gave Sean some good ideas on how 2 build a bridge to your surrounding communities. He liked the idea.

Sean has my e-mail I also gave it to some other guy but, I forgot his name, sorry if it's you since you did leave early. I would help you build a bridge, but people have to be patient and give it time. It's all up to you guys if you want to build an area for all us young professionals to call our own or just throw in the towel and leave like all the natives from Santa Ana. I'm still here and im not going down with out a fight to make my dream a reality.

A lot of us young professionals that are native left this city to start a family or to live in a better area. We all know what we went through and don't want to put their kids or wives through the same crap we all did. They tell me that they would come back if Santa Ana would clean up the city. It's the same thing with people that live in the south of Orange County they don't want to live on the ghetto, with gangs, crappy streets and are afraid of getting mugged or raped. I know Santa Ana has a bad image, but lets try and clean it up.

urban blah blah said...


Sorry about last night, we kinda closed up early, none of us advertised the January show very well, as we expected a low turnout due to holidays hangover and such. It was kinda a slow last night so we all closed up early. We are usually open until 11 pm, although last night most people closed up around 10-10:30. I don't think anyone is really throwing in the towel, I believe that emotions were running quite high amongst everyone on this blog and in the community the past few days, and when emotions run high, things are always said that maybe would not be said if people were calm and thinking rationally about what they are posting.
Hopefully we can meet up sometime soon, although I am going out of town this next weekend.
We should get a group of people like "Urban Messiah", yourself, "Two Fisted Mama" , Sean and anyone else that wants to, and we should have a serious brain storming session about things that we can do to positively impact all of this turmoil that is happening with these city meetings and with the neighborhood.

Sean said...

I'll talk with Ben and see if he can organize a meeting. He'll probably suggest we meet at Chipotle :P

I know he and Mr. Gordon are working on organizing a meeting with the industrial owners and loft residents.

Their support is imperative to the Renaissance getting underway any time soon.

The Frito Bandito said...

I'll invite all of my loyal Banditos.

Robert said...

Hey Ben,

It was nice talking to you today at chipotle.
Im glad you liked my idea on how to build a bridge with Logan and other communities around you. As I told some of your friends from the lofts, it would time for them to open up.

Next time, well go where I like to eat authentic Mexican food.

No worries Chris,
Next time you, Ben and who ever wants to tag along? Well go have a drink.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Robert: You're a great guy with fantastic vision. It's people like you who grew up in this city that will make it a better place.

I know Chipotle isn't the most authentic Mexican food, but it gives me least amount of stomach issues.

Mose said...

ben dayhoe: Have you tried La Chiquita Restaurant on Washington in Logan Barrio ? Great comidas !

I recommend the the no. 1 dinner with a cheese enchilada or ground beef taco - ask what the secret ingredient in the tacos is - (w/ rice & beans) - should not be too spicy.

Maybe you can work your tummy up to the super fantactic "green burrito" - yummy !


Ben Dayhoe said...

La Chiquita is pretty good, but their chicken tastes like it comes from a can.

Their carne asada menu is pretty weak too.

It's pretty decent Mex-food within walking distance, but nowhere near the stuff I grew up on.

I wrote a short review a while ago. Check it out.

Urban Blah Blah said...


Kendra just told me that was her that you saw closing up on Saturday night at 10:30. You should have dropped by, we were having some friends upstairs for an after party. Kendra would not have been afraid of you. She was actually engaged to 6'-6" - 250 lb. mexican guy named Jesus at one point before we met. haha! For real!
That's why I found it laughable that Gustav called her racist. haha! That, and the fact that I'm covered in Tat-friggin'-toos, half of which are of a very anti-racist theme! haha! LOL!
Anyhoo let's meet up next week after work some night. I think a bunch of people are up for it.


Robert said...


Sounds good, Let's meet up soon. I gave Ben my
e-mail and my phone number yesterday at Chipotle. Just e-mail me so we can meet one day.
I wouldn't want people to know where we meet up at. Just like the cities council members, keeping everything private, Behind closed doors. lol

So you guys had an after hours? I should knocked on her door. So she dated a 6.6 Mexican, cool.
Why would anybody call her racists if she dated out of her race. Racist only date their own.

The tallest Mexican I know is 6.9 and hes my cousin, he lives in Chicago.

I would love to check out you guys art. I'm also an artist. I love to draw with a pencil and charcoal. I haven't drawn anything for good while since, Im a Graphic Designer and love to draw up stuff on illustrator. : )

Mike The Renter said...

From "The Renter".

Hey guys I must say I am mostly responsible for all this big flap. C&K mentioned the NoLo possibility a while back so being a commercial gallery desperate for anyway to get more people here as we have had very little help from the people who own here except from those who know who they are..... so we PROMOTED it. Imagine. Spent money to promote this place. We have an email list of about 900 now and bring about 120 people around each show. For the past year and half only two other residents have offered to help us do this. So I was spending my money promoting your area which increases (or tries to stem the massive decrease) in property values.

Well, so appearently when we did this last promotion we did not get the respect from the people that didnt like it to come knock on the door or CALL. The number is on the door!!!!

Needless to say this blog being picked up by oc weekly hurt our turnout. We were expecting people from the Santora side to come but they didnt.

So whoever started this blog and didnt come talk to us about changing the name started the landslide.

So heres the end run on this for me. My lease is up in March. I really dont need to stay to "see what happens" to see if you guys can pull togther and help each other I can sell art in South Coast just as easy.

As for the "everyone else" that arent "lofties". We were also trying to bridge that gap by opening our doors on thanksgiving and christmas to handout food, clothing and toys to the neighbors. This was a tremendous amount of work but we did it to be a part of the community. Again the same 2 or 3 residents helped.

As for helping other people. There are plenty of needy people to help where ever we put a gallery.

All that being said. We had our last show last Saturday. I hate to leave our few (very few) friends we made here as I love them very much but I was trying to run an actual business and being hurt from within pretty much blows.

I will still be living here until the end of Feb mid March so if you want any ideas (not that you have ever really asked before) I will be around. Those of you that know me, know the door (with phone number on it) has always been open.


Mike The Renter at Aloft Art Gallery.

CreativeJuices said...

mike and rebekah,

i just recently moved to the lofts and unfortunately haven't had the chance to meet everybody yet and did not know you were having the clothing and food drives. i would have LOVED to join in and help you guys.

you are an asset to this community, please stay!

~claudia @736 N

Anonymous said...

Mike, I don't think anyone wants you to go, and I'm sorry you took so much grief over something so minor.

SSL folks: The last thing we need is to make life difficult for people trying to bring life to the lofts.

I hope you reconsider, but also understand the time and effort you put forth with little appreciation.


Mike The Renter said...

Actual Good News !!!!
Thought everyone might need it.

Ben Dayhoe said...

I wish you'd reconsider your decision to leave us here. Renter or not, you have been an integral component to making this neighborhood flourish.

Please don't let ignorant comments posted by cowardly anonymous individuals (who probably don't even live here) or an article in the OC Weekly send you packing.

I had to do something today that I've never had to do and that was delete comments. The ultimate purpose of this blog was to get people talking, not to censor them.

We have a smart group of residents here at the lofts and it would be a damn shame if they didn't express their opinions and exchange ideas.

I stated my opinion on the NoLo name and I feel that I'm entitled to that. Gustavo did the same and that's what he's paid to do. But please don't let opinions and words be the reason for your exodus from Loft Island.

So NoLo wasn't a hit–Who's to say there can't be a better name? The time to shine is when you've been kicked to the ground my friend.

Like so.

Mike the Renter said...

Thanks for the kind comments. The exhaustion level from the last 3 shows coupled with the 2 clothing and food outreaches (not to mention both our day jobs) has been high.
I am tired and didnt need just another thing to deal with.
I am a believer that we are shown what to do if we keep our eyes and hearts open.
So we will see what clarity the next few weeks bring.


Urban Blah Blah said...

If you are going to censor one idiot's comments, and not show relpys to it, then you should take the whole thing down! Just my humble opinon. People reacting to the negative comments obviously made by an individual who lives here, which for the time being I will not name, I beleive was a positive step in the right direction of rallying all of the residents here together. What do you think "Ben"? I completely and totally disagree with the racist comments made, but somebody put them up there, oh who could it be? By taking down the comments not only do you not give the real people who live here and embody the true spirit of this place the chance to react, but also now people don't get to see the true colors of this individual.(If you read between the lines, you could figure out who it was)
Again, just my humble opinon.
Can we get a show of hands for all of those who woud like Mike and Rebekkah to stay? C'mon good neighbors, let's have a show of support for these great neighbors and people!


Ben Dayhoe said...

I appreciate your opinions but I've always had a rule saying that if you have anything racist to say, take it and comment at the Register.

I censored the racist comments and anything relating to them because I do not want to babysit the blog all day long.

People like that need to know right away that sh!t like that doesn't stay on MY BLOG.

Like Neue Transit Studios, aLoft, and all the other gallery owners here, I worked too damn hard to build this blog and make it what it is. I won't let ignorance be the death of this blog, the galleries, or our community, and neither should you.

You choose to get tattoos on your body and that's how you address racism. I moderate racist comments.

Sub-Urban Blah Blah said...

Fair enough I suppose.


PS- I have changed my screen name to Sub-urban Blah Blah, as we truly are kidding ourselves if we think that where we live is actually "Urban". haha!

Ab Ruti said...

ben dayhoe:

agree with you re: chicken & carne asada @ la chiquita restaurant - could be better.

But all the rest is THE BEST.

Ab Ruti

Sub-Urban Blah Blah said...

So I don't know about anyone else, but I've had 4 calls today from people wanting private showings at the gallery (Just for reference, I usually have about 2-3 per month)...I'm going to go with the Andy Warhol theory of "no press is bad press" on this one. In fact I suppose I should give a shout out to Gustavo for shedding light on our little community.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Sweet Beans Chris!
The Master Plan Worked!

This calls for a Chipotle celebration :P

Urban Messiah said...

For what it's worth, Mr. and Mrs. Messiah wish you guys would stay. Regardless of whether or not you rent is moot to me. In fact, we rented on the southside for the first year before we purchased on the north. Part of the reason we bought here wasn't because we are artists nor do we have any intention of opening a gallery, but love the environment it provides and art in itself. I had a personal 'goal,' you know, one of those 'before I die..' type of things to start collecting. I saw this community as my chance to live it, love it and collect it. I've already started to make good on that and my suburban-blah-blah counterpart knows this. And I'm sure I'll buy from you guys sooner then later. So, please, I know it sucks to take a couple of these bullets and brave the storm, but I can assure you that we're all going to look back on this in a couple of years and credit it to our overall success. Catalyst moments aren't always pleasent.

Sub urban Blah Blah said...

Yes to all of that Yo! and for sure we need a Chipotle Celebration. Love the mexican food, but can't really do the authentic - on account of having a vegan diet and all. haha!
Chipotle always hits the spot though. Back in my hometown...funny enough it was named Logan City (For real, I am not making this shit up)there was a killer Authentic Mex restaurant called El Toro Viejo owned and operated by this family, it's still there. They'd make special beans with no lard for us and tortillas and such. Nice people too to cater to us wierd vegan kids! haha
Killer place though, wish there were a place that that out here. ah nostaglia.
Wait maybe there is aplpace liek that...anyone know of one?


Robert said...


If you like Mexican food I highly recomend Baja fish tacos on Bristol and MacArthur in Santa Ana. It's right next to Vons. If you love sea food and tacos and burritos you'll love this place. It's not that americanized and authentic.

It's next block from where I live. I walk there all the time. On the back next Bally's theirs a bar called Jaspers great place to have a drink and listen to live bands on the weekend.

I cant forget Hans Ice cream best ice cream in town and deli. I could just keep on going on where to eat great food over here on this side of town.

dick cabeza said...

How about LoLa ?

Logan - Lacy

Dick Cabeza

Ben Dayhoe said...

Cousin Cabeza,
I like that!

The LoLa Art District

Sub-urban Blah Blah said...

how about we come up with something that has nothing to do with Logan, Lacy, Santa Ana, etc...Let's distance ourselves from any further complaining. No matter what we call it some whining is bound to take place. Honestly my vote at this point it to call it:
"Santiago Street Lofts Art Walk"
Or we could just not call it anything, I mean business hasn't exactly been horrible so far. It was my un-original idea in the first place to brand this area as something catchy, but it's not like it's really needed.
Any biters on that idea???

Ben Dayhoe said...


Urban Messiah said...

LOLA...that's pretty tight.

Someone call Gustavo and make sure it's historically accurate.

sub-urban blah blah said...

Hey man, Lola is not that kind of girl! Haha.
But that name does sound like the neighborhood Hoe! hahah!
So really then you could say it's loose. hahah!
Alright kids...keep it clean!

Robert said...

I think the reason why Logan doesn't want to be part of your community. Logan has too much history. Santiago Lofts is just to new of a community.
I now a great deal of you guys would like to be part of Logan community, but you guys are your own community. There's going to be more development down on your area soon and your community is going to grow.

I like Santiago neighborhood. (example Logan neighborhood, Lacy neighborhood and French park) When you have an art walk call it Santiago art walk (like Santora art walk). It's just some suggestions that I thought of.

Santiago Street Lofts Art Walk seems just too long to remember. When people think of Logan they think about the historic neighborhood and the Logan gang.

Call it what ever you guys want, it's your community. They are only some suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this thread and would like to remind all of you, French Park has always been in total support of the arts movement. When the Artist's Village was in it's infancy French Park ( the FIRST established neighborhood association in the city) changed its zoning to include *artists live/work* to encourage a creative element to join us, old house enthusiasts. You don't need to build a bridge to French Park we built it long ago, to welcome you.

Debbie McEwen
French Park