Thursday, April 17, 2008

04/17 Association Meeting

In case you missed the notice in your last HOA statement, there's an association meeting tonight at 6PM in the loft sales office.

UPDATE: Meeting Notes

The abuse of guest parking was addressed.
Painting the curb to read "Visitor Only" is the first step to deter residents from using those spots.

The next step (if needed) will be to tow vehicles as stated by Lester Tucker (OBAMF) of Lennar.

Although during the last meeting it was stated that Villa Park was "out", they've shown some improvement and OBAMF is willing to give them another 60 days.
Villa Park will also be spraying the bamboo trees for those little fruit flies(?) that invade your house when you open your windows.

I asked if the gardeners can let the bamboo and wall-climbing vines grow a little and not butcher them like a Marine's haircut when they do trim them--
(Gary from Villa Park told me this morning that they keep the bamboo short being that it was a requirement by the fire dept. and the vines short cause his guys can't reach if they get too tall...hmm).

Signs and Banners
The SSL banner on DiRienzo's building and the one missing in front of 704 Santiago are to be repaired/replaced immediately as stated by OBAMF.

Stucco and Paint Damage
The red building facing Civic Center Dr. has had stucco damage for quite some time now.
Eddie "The Man" Cano should be looking into this soon.

I believe that covers the gist of it.


DakotaSoda said...

We can't make it, Stephen will have to go as our representative. He better take good notes!

Woody Allen said...

Eighty percent of success is showing up.

Slaymetender said...

Is this a closed door meeting for only current homeowners or can homeowners with lofts being built come too? Or see your notes, since we are on 14 hour days right now;)

Anonymous said...

Meetings are open to anyone who likes bar fights, cat fights, mud slinging and footballs to the groin.

Recaps are usually posted here the following day.

Slaymetender said...

awesome, I look forward to the recap online. See you guys at the art walk.

DakotaSoda said...

thanks for the recap :)

Slaymetender said...

It's too bad about the guest parking abuse. Glad you guys are getting a handle on it though.