Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween is over...

..but my bowl of chocolate delights is still full. This Halloween, our second here at the lofts, was yet another disappointing milestone with only one trick-or-treater (same number as last year).

I say milestone because to me, Halloween marks the beginning of the end of the year. Only when Halloween has come and gone, after seeing all the kiddies in their great costumes, will I finally accept the fact that Christmas is just around the corner (even though some stores have had Christmas merchandise ready as early as September).

With the void left from this lackluster All Hallows Eve, I know that I can always count on la dia de los muertos festivities happening this weekend to fill my appetite for the spooky and supernatural.

Here are some events going on this weekend if you too feel that Halloween 2007 was a bust.

Fiesta Market Place

Bowers Museum

and of course, down at the Santora, even though their site makes no mention of it.

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