Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hope you are all having a fantastic holiday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ben Dayhoe!

Black Friday is apparently take your neighbors trash and recyclable bin day.

To the mistaken person who took my carts/bins/cans please return them and contact waste management to get your own pair. 714-558-7761


Anonymous said...

Black Friday also signifies evening that Santa Ana Police horse around with their siren and lights while driving through our driveway / alleys on the "new" side. Is that a police gang sign for something I'm not aware of? Maybe it was one of Ben Dayhoe's dispatcher friends letting us know "don't call us we'll call YOU!"

Ben Dayhoe said...

Expect SAPD to be seen more frequently around the complex.

Commander Jeff Owens stated that there will definitely be a stronger police presence in our neck of the woods after the recent string of events.

There will also be a meeting held on December 6th (6:30PM) where we can meet with local officers. More details to follow Monday or Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Apparently To & Mo has been given the red curb towing contract for Santiago Street Lofts - they just came blazing through the north side looking for violators.