Thursday, November 15, 2007

Should Santa Ana Impose a (Harsh) Curfew?

Many feel that the idea of a curfew violates constitutional rights and that the government has no right to dictate how parents raise their children. Several youth-rights discussion groups feel that curfews drive the wedge between teens and authority figures even deeper.

When I was a teenager, the thought of a curfew angered my peers and myself. Not because we thought it was unconstitutional or questioned the possible social ramifications a curfew could cause, we just didn't like anyone telling us what we could and couldn't do.

I personally think that Santa Ana needs to impose and enforce a curfew to help alleviate some of the issues plaguing the city. Not to say that all teens are out causing trouble when the sun goes down, but honestly, are adults the ones lurking around the city and vandalizing at night?

And no, I don't think that parents should be told how to raise their kids, but at the same time, what kind of parent lets their kid run loose in the neighborhood when the street lights have been on for hours? There isn't much for adults to do in the city of Santa Ana after hours, so why are there so many kids out late on school nights?

Many parents aren't home at night being that they work two jobs to support their families. By no means do I imply that this makes for bad parenting, but it does afford their kids the opportunity to wreak havoc in the city.

Santa Ana is fighting a lot of uphill battles and doesn't seem to be winning them anytime soon. Tougher measures are needed to help the city get a grasp on its many problems.

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Anonymous said...

Curfews are tough. I am all for reducing crime, but to tell someone they arent allowed to be outside seems excessive. I'd rather see stiffer penalties for crimes committed and I'll all for vigalante justice, but it get's dark at 4:30. To expect people not to go out after dark is kind of unrealistic. That brings me to another point: Lighting. It our block is pretty well lit, but the rest of the neighborhood is really dark. They need some better street lighting. I'd like to see them turn some of those empy lots into a soccer field with lights. It'd be better than what's there. Punk-asses hang out in the dark. I dont think they'd be doing bad stuff if they were fully iluminated.

Anonymous said...

i think it comes down to having parents regulate their kids. seriously there is no reason why a kid should be running around the city late at night, unless they plan to vandalize or get shot by rival gangs. i'm not to keen on a night soccer field... it will be just a lot of men playing soccer, hanging out and drinking cervas, i think it is reasonable to have a curfew of 11pm for minors not accompanied by an adult. I usually do not like government intervention but apparently something is wrong with santa ana, if the parents cant control their kids maybe its time for the city to lend a hand

Anonymous said...

Santa Ana has a ten pm curfew for juveniles and is frequently enforced.

Folks, it's the parents. There is occasionally the child who has sociopathic behavior, but most of the time it's just lack of parenting. Parenting requires time, attention, discipline and FOLLOW THRU! Consequences! Seems like common sense, but most people don't use it. The other unfortunate factor is the children in SA are often born and raised speaking English whereas their parents do not. The child ends up running the show.

The county and schools offer parenting programs, but many of the parents both work full time. I say if you don't have the time, don't have the kids. But that's just COMMON SENSE!

Ok, I'll get off the soap box. By the way, I understand the idea of a soccer field, but there's a whole lot of nonsense including fighting that goes on during soccer games in SA.

Alright, I've said my peace.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Slim, I'm not suggesting a curfew as early as 4:30, but kids should be home at dinner time (7PM).

I agree that the neighborhood can be dark in many areas, but even the lights can't scare away trouble in this town.

It also doesn't help that it looks like nobody lives in the SSL. I'd feel very confident causing trouble in this community with all the dark units at night.

Don't believe me?

Check out what two punks did to the side of the Urban West building at 11PM Friday night.

I really wish David DiRienzo left some lights on timer in his unit. It's not like he can't afford to illuminate one of the most prominent buildings in the complex.

Anonymous (2nd), I've also heard this rumor that Santa Ana supposedly does have a 10PM curfew, but even if it is true, SAPD wouldn't have the man-power to enforce it.

I strongly agree with your comments about parenting. When I was in high school, I stayed out of trouble because #1: I didn't want to bring shame to my family, #2: my parents raised me better than to run off in the middle of the night to tag and #3: My Dad was really good at kicking my ass.

Spencer Hoo said...

yup...I saw the new "artwork" on the side of Dirienzo's unit.

My side of the complex seems like a ghost town currently (phase 5). Im suprised the rest of those that closed escrow this past week have not started moving in yet.....have not seen/found any of my direct neighbors yet.

At least someone had a POD unit delivered.....right behind my garage mind guess thats a good sign.

PS, if any of you are around 940 Civic Center, drop by and say hi.

Anonymous said...

Spencer... I know 932 and 930 Civic Center are closed this past week. I (930) am planning to move in early December... I heard 932 are moving in around Thanksgiving week.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure a curfew is the answer. There aren't resources to enforce it. I think we're in that 30-days-of-night situation with the cold weather here. We need to force ourselves out there walking around in the "cold" during these next few months to continue to protect our community.

a few things that would really help our neighborhood:

1) Darkened first level Homes: Bad! make it look like someone lives there. Those Compact fluorescents are only 26 watts, a new pane of glass is up to $250. Do the math.
2) Feet on the street. Get out there meet your neighbors. Those scary guys with paint cans are our neighbors too.
3) My current thought is "let's integrate not alienate" when possible. (I'm not suggesting joining a gang or anything) But the city government has done such a poor job of INTEGRATING new with old, in the context of outreach and community relations that it's a task at hand for all of us.

----Special Credit to Bendayhoe for several of these thoughts.---

The Frito Bandito said...

I like the curfew idea.

Its a step in the right direction.

Children don't have the same

rights as adults- they are not held

accountable on the same level either,

so not letting them run around at night in an area where they have no business anyway- well, it doesnt seem like a constitutional issue to me.