Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Could Be Nothing

The other day while I was out for a walk in the hood, I noticed a loader (middle of image on the right) working in a fenced parcel located just around the corner from the Santiago Street Lofts (corner of Garfield Street and Santa Ana Boulevard).

It looked as if the worker was breaking-up large clumps of asphalt and probably wasn't anything major, but it's nice to see some activity happening in those city-owned lots.

In the meantime, I'll put a call in with Ray Lirette to see if he has the skinny.

*UPDATE: Ray returned my call and informed me that no construction will be happening on those lots anytime soon, but rather they are being used as storage for other street and sewage projects. Bummer.


Urban Messiah said...

Those are the same pipes I see laying in the now work in progress lot just off of the southbound 5/Grand exit. Most likely Ware's expansion..

They just suck ass.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they'll pipe all their run off from cleaning their bins and trucks to the steps of city hall

Hobo Joe said...

Hey all you hipsters and hippettes

Whaddaya say we do some urban camping over there?
That lot is practically begging for it.

Heres what we'll do:
First we pack up our things into stolen shopping carts and push our little caravan across the way, and then we all pitch in building up a fine tent city from found and borrowed objects. Once thats done we build a fire and an impromptu stage and from there it'll just be singing and dancing until the wee hours.

The PooLady said...

Oh Oh Oh

Can the poolady come?

Can I? Oh Can I Pleeez?

I will poo for you all!

I will poo for peace!

I will poo for love and happiness!