Sunday, February 10, 2008

While We're on the Subject of LOST...

Did you guys notice the change in the photo frames in Miles' flashback?

Before he went upstairs to perform the exorcism, the frames on the wall looked like this:

After Miles did his thang upstairs, the frames changed to this:

The attention to the photos on the wall was too deliberate, so I'm going to rule out the notion that this was just a simple prop error but rather another Easter Egg.

But then, what could this mean?
It's only a matter of time before Miles and Jacob have a little pow-wow of sorts.

Photos courtesy of lost-media.


DriveShaft Tour '08 said...

Its so great to have a ghost whisperer on the show to talk to the characters that are no longer with us. (Not that the writers ever had a problem bringing back folks that have been shot, drowned, or killed by monsters.)

Not Penny's Boat said...

Nice one Re-wind!

I noticed more pics

the second time but thought

they were showing a different

part of the wall.

Anonymous said...

But is Jacob a ghost? And if not, will Miles be able to communicate with him?

spooky said...

Jacob is the Devil.