Friday, February 8, 2008

Writer's Strike Over?

Several websites are reporting that Michael Eisner (Disney) has made an announcement saying that the strike has been resolved and the writers will be going back to work soon.

One can only hope that LOST moves back to Wednesday nights to avoid conflict with NBC's best Thursday night line-up they've had in years.

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All About Locke said...

I am afraid Lost might be homeless. Greys Anatomy will be coming back in April or May for 4 to 5 more episodes and Lost is in its home.

Hopefully they will get Wed at 9pm back...but there run might be over by then anyway. It is unlikely they will go past the 8 already filmed episodes.

They might get six more out but it is doubtful at best.

Gustavo Arellano said...

Ben: Who the hell is the Man on the Boat?!?!?! Michael?

Ben Dayhoe said...

That was my guess Gustavo.

But knowing "Benry", he probably has someone else besides Michael.

Childhood girlfriend?

Frito said...

Childhood girlfriend would be nice.

I'm guessing Michael though.

Urban Messiah said...

Michael just bugged the hell out of me, hopefully he's not back, I swear to god he only had 2 lines for about 8 episodes

1. "I'm gonna find my boy"
2. "Walt, Walt..."

....hopefully it's Charlie, he was cool.