Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Strength in Numbers

About ten days ago, an individual using a moniker of Cyrus the Virus contacted me about the Santiago Street Loft blog.

Cyrus recently moved into the Monterey Villas (located off 17th street and Cabrillo) and it just so happens that the folks over there are experiencing similar difficulties with graffiti, vandalism and theft. They even have someone stealing laundry from the community laundry room!

Communication was limited to flyers hung in the laundry room and limited face-to-face interaction with neighbors that seemingly comes paired with the southern California lifestyle in which we’ve become accustomed.

Cyrus saw an opportunity much like I did and that was to create an online voice to help raise awareness among neighbors, develop a sense of community and inspire others to help turn the city of Santa Ana around.

In a very cordial email, Cyrus asked permission to use content and ideas from this blog to help develop his. Needless to say I was honored and thrilled by this individual and his efforts to do in his community what we at the Santiago Street Lofts have established so far.

Do what you have to do for the greater good of the community my friend. Recognizing and celebrating your small victories will be key to your happiness and success.

At the Santiago Street Lofts, we are very fortunate to have passionate and active individuals living here such as: El Diablo Blanco, Dr. Jason and Urban Messiah just to namedrop a few.

They are some of the prime examples as to why this community is so great and worth fighting for. The Santa Ana Justice League is slowly forming and just you wait…

Check out the Monterey Villas blog!


jason said...

Cyrus welcome to santa ana, its good to hear that the new residents moving into the city care about their community. Thank you ben for informing all of us about what is happening in the city.

Anonymous said...

The Monterey Villas are money pits..It used to be a lovely apt complex(I lived there)...they worked to fast in "fixing" them up now most of them have problems with plumbing, electrical and so on. A friend of mine recently moved out to someplace that is not a crap fest.

Anonymous said...

If not done already, Cyrus should request that Pedroza, Gordon etc .... at OJblog put his link up on their page.

Welcome to being part of the solutions in SA, Cyrus.

Anonymous said...

We need people like Cyrus and Ben who voice the issues and problems, so we can work on improving the place we all call home. Kudos to you guys...

Anonymous said...

yes, the world needs more Bens.

welcome Cyrus

love you ben,


Cyrus said...

Ben and the rest of the Santa Ana Justice League,
I greatly appreciate your kind words of encouragement and hope to implement all the suggestions you provide me. Together we will prevail.

The Frito Bandito said...

My outfit was looking dated.
And I needed a night away
from Frito stealing.

Mucho apologies Cyrus

Anonymous said...

This city needs more Ben Dayhoe's and less PEÑDEJO'S!!!

Mose said...

Hi Ben,

There is strength in numbers. I suggest that "LoLa Santiago Art Walk" hook up with the Logan and Lacy neighborhoods.

These groups have a lot in common. As a united group you would have much more input into the changes that the Renaissance Plan will bring.