Sunday, December 9, 2007

In Case of Boredom, Break Glass

Saturday night (12/08) between the hours of 6PM and 8:45PM, another community-owned fire extinguisher was stolen near 702 N. Santiago Street.

A short while back, the fire extinguisher next to 904 Poinsettia Street was being stolen on a weekly basis. Eventually, the extinguisher was relocated to a spot where potential thieves could easily be targeted, then beaten.

Hopefully once the lot across the street is redeveloped, the folks on N. Santiago Street will have someone watching their backs (er, fronts).

A police report was filed, given a case number of #0747174.

Thanks goes out to El Diablo Blanco for the heads up on this one.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Ben Dayhoe; the leader of the non-absentee loft owners for calling in the police report.

Anonymous said...

I call for a coup and let's put Ben in charge! Seriously though, you're leading by example and inspiring me to keep an eye out for not only my home but my neighbors.


Anonymous said...

And let's start working together a little more. I don't mind putting your trash cans in and out if you're going to be gone through trash day. Leaving cans out ALL WEEK isn't very attractive AND it's a clear sign no one is home.

By the way; I called in some additional graffiti at Poinsettia and Civic Center today and it got cleaned up sometime between 1PM and 8PM. That was nice.

Anonymous said...

About the trash cans. The people in my area just leave them out indefinitely. After they garbage people come they re-align the cans, so they're not where the trash man leaves them, but they still leave them out. It drives me nuts, not just 'cause it's against the rules, but more so because it's just unsightly. It's not like some nasty NYC alley, it's our back yard. It's what I see out my bedroom window. I believe it's because people don't want to take up garage space with them. I know the garages aren't huge, but everyone else seems to make it work.

Spencer Hoo said...

if the trash recepticles are too large, waste disposal has smaller units available upon request.

Unknown said...

Let Brian "Madman" Magedman know, he's the association board member here and isn't shy to enforce the rules. Also, Ben set up an internal board via the google groups page wherein we can discuss this stuff amongst ourselves. Go to google, then groups page and search Santiago Street Lofts, join from there. The blog is more for observations, etc.

Pretty. Good. Food. said...

I agree about the trash cans. Please take them in, no one wants to see them all week. It sucks that they're so large, but as previously mentioned, you can request smaller ones.

Anonymous said...

hey bryan.
there is a white toyota sequioa that has been parked in one of the visitors parking for at least one whole week. it's behind building 14. can you take care of that? aren't the homeowners supposed to park inside their garages and leave the very few parking spaces behind the buildings free for our business clients and guests to park?

Anonymous said...


I know who's it is, It moves on a daily basis (i thought) but it's there constantly. The owner recently made space in their garage for one car, I think they are making room for the sequoia so i haven't said anything yet, as some people are still getting settled.

Trash cans and un-repaired etched windows. are my 2 neighbor-related issues right now. ;-)

Ben Dayhoe said...

Thanks Urban Messiah,
Topics easily get hijacked on the blog.

The Google Group would be a better way to voice your own personal concerns about the community.

Click here if you haven't joined already.

Bryan Magedman can't be everywhere and know of everything that goes on at the SSL's, but if you let him know about concerning issues, he will address it with the homeowners.

Fire extinguishers can not be continually stolen from our community. It is a serious safety issue.

Earlier this year when a neighbor's trash can was set a blaze, the nearest extinguisher had been recently stolen.