Monday, December 3, 2007

Support Thomas Anthony Gordon Tonight

Sometime ago, I was in a serious rut due to the hazards of living in Santa Ana for the last year and a half. From having our windows etched by taggers, homeless people throwing their garbage on our porch, to the serious lack of the “play” element that Lennar sold us on before moving here, I felt myself slipping down a dark and hateful path.

What started off as a simple personal chronicle for living in this city, blogging only made me even more frustrated with how poorly the city of Santa Ana is progressing in management, development and the addressing of serious concerns that have infested the city for years.

One day, my wife noticed that a Thomas Anthony Gordon of the Orange Juice Blog had picked up one of my articles and reposted it on their high-traffic Blog. I was shocked and surprised to see that someone not only took the time to read and hear my concerns, but also offered to help find a solution.

Soon after, phone calls to the city were getting returned, emails answered and hope returned to this humble soul. This Thomas guy gave me the soapbox I needed to make this city a better place, and I wanted to thank him.

I did my research on Mr. Gordon and found out that not only was he a strong and level-headed voice writing for the Orange Juice Blog, but also an appointed member of (EPIC), the Early Prevention and Intervention Commission working to reduce crime, gang activity and graffiti in Santa Ana.

After a city council meeting, I asked Michele Martinez, our ward representative/council member to help make the introduction. She pointed in the direction of the man who stood as tall as a Viking, but was as friendly and personable as someone I've known for years.

Staring me straight in the eyes with a firm handshake, I knew from the start that this guy meant business. I asked for advise on how he has been able to not let the city drain him emotionally as it has been doing to me. The more I tried to make the city of Santa Ana a better place, the more I felt my soul being sucked away, I told Thomas.

Thomas was quick to commend the blog and encouraged us as a community to not give up hope. He spoke of the many great things in Santa Ana that I have yet to experience, opening my eyes to future adventures. As a fellow food-lover, Thomas was quick to suggest restaurants for me to visit and review, thus helping local establishments attract new customers. Finally, Mr. Gordon enlightened me to several steps I could take to strengthen our community and to help build relationships with the neighborhoods adjacent to us.

After a two-hour conversation with Thomas Gordon, I felt rejuvenated and recharged. The excitement about living in this city returned to my heart. I was once again glad to have made the move here.

This morning, I was shocked to read that on the city council’s agenda tonight is an effort to remove Mr. Gordon from his position. This is just another example of the back door shenanigans that our dysfunctional council tries to pull for what seems to be only political reasons, and nothing else. I invite all that read this Blog to come support Thomas Gordon who has been championing our voice here at the Santiago Street Lofts for quite some time.

The city council meeting takes place tonight, December 3, 2007, starting at 6:00 P.M. and will he held in the City Council Chambers located within 22 Civic Center Plaza.

You can read more about the story at the OC Register and also at the Orange Juice Blog.

Thomas Gordon was there for me when I was about to give up my efforts to make this city a better place. Tonight I will be Tivo’ing Heroes to help stand up for a real one.


Anonymous said...

please post a follow up on the meeting, I'm out of town for work but intently wanting to know how this went down.

Anonymous said... only missed another example of the City Council acting in their own best interests. It was a long meeting and as usual the Mayor was a rude pompus little twirp!
Claudia,(who looked exceptional in her red lips befitting a clown)went off about Ms Martinez. Claudia ,Claudia,Claudia..must you be so obvious about your insecurity? It was just shameful the way she is so unprofessional. Ms Martinez was a shining example of what a Council member should be. It is refreshing to see a councilmember who has manners!!!
The Mayor chastised residents talking in the back ,while Claudia,Carlos and he displayed their usual poor manners and constantly had side bars while concerned citizens were speaking at the microphone. Watch the video and you will once again realize that it is time to get out the vote and vote for Term Limits.

Anonymous said...

You selected a really crummy city to live in. Just saying.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Poster #1, ask and you shall receive.

Poster #2, thank you for the wrap up. I left shortly after the vote. Don't be shy, OJ Bloggers are welcome here...unlike down at city hall.

Poster #3, you are right, this is a crummy city. But I also moved here to make some serious changes.