Friday, December 7, 2007

Proof That There's Still Hope

Thursday night’s meeting had an awesome show of support from not only Santiago Street Loft residents, but from Santa Ana Police Department, Santa Ana's Community Development Agency, and many prominent leaders and friends from around the city.

The success of our development is key for the brighter future that awaits the city of Santa Ana. Proof of that was reflective in the support we received from the likes of community leaders from all over Santa Ana including: Councilwoman Michele Martinez, Thomas Anthony Gordon from The Orange Juice Blog, Carl Overmyer, President of the NRA Members Council of Orange representing WECOP, Julie Stroud of the Parks and Recreation Commission, Scott Kutner and Rafael Navejas from Santa Ana Community Development Agency, and Doug Irving from the Orange County Register.

Like Detective Eric Rivas said, our loft community is much like the early pioneers of the Old West in these rough lands. Every now and then, we will need to circle the bandwagons to watch each other’s back. Last night was a great example of such.

And while this was the first meeting between our loft community and the Santa Ana Police Department, the strength and survival of our community relies on it not being the last.

Special thanks to SAPD including: Corporal Matt Brown of Northeast Directed Patrol, Corporal Tino Gallo of Civic Center Patrol, Graffiti Detective Eric Rivas, Officer Mona Ruiz from the Graffiti Task Force and Police Service Officer Gabriela Alday for bringing this meeting together.


Anonymous said...

Well actually I came to represent the WECOP, but I don't have cards for that. I do have NRA cards, so that's what you got and I am the NRA too, as the bumper sticker goes.

Kudos to you all for being an active part of your new community!

Thomas Anthony Gordon said...

Kudo's to SSL's for putting together such an important meeting and getting such a great turnout from not only residents, but SAPD and the City.

If we all work together, we can make Santa Ana a better place to live, work and play.