Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Little Too Close to Home

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One of today's top headlines in the Santa Ana section of the OC Register is this article about how local Police and immigrant agents shut down an alleged heroin ring operating out of Rollin Auto Collision, which is just a few minutes walking distance away from our community.

I've seen some people near our community with the obvious track marks of a heroin user, but never suspected a drug ring operation to be in our backyard.

This town definitely needs an enema.


Pretty. Good. Food. said...

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is to live in a town free from drug rings, crack houses, and poop ladies.

Anonymous said...

We moved here from south county because we wanted to live someplace with some color, both literally and figuratively. While I don't love that there's crack houses and drug rings around the corner, I suppose you have to expect a certain amount of unfavorableness when you live in the real world and you're not sheltered by beige walls.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Rancho Santa Margarita has their pot houses and the Inland Empire has their meth labs.

Anytime there's a major bust out in those communities, it will for sure make the 6PM news where neighbors are said to be 'shocked' when interviewed by the news crew.

But in Santa Ana, this type of activity can't be shrugged off just because it's more 'real' out here.

To 'expect' this type of activity is just another way of saying you choose to look the other way.

*sorry Slim, not trying to come at you for your post, but that is a common mindset for many which has helped this city stumble to where it is now.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have said: "I'm not surprised" rather than I expected it. I wish there was something I could do. If someone wants to start up a local Guardian Angels chapter sign me up. I've always looked good in red.

Ben Dayhoe said...

I'm not surprised either ;)

By participating in this Blog, our Community Google Group, and being aware of what goes on in our community AND city, then my friend, you are already doing more than most.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start attending the WECOP (West End Community Oriented Policing) meetings to learn how they execute and organize themselves on the other side of town. :-)

Observant and Alert citizens are the best defense to this garbage happening in any community. Keep your eyes open for things that are one extreme or another (lots of people in and out of a house, or no on ever coming or going, but perfectly maintained, etc.)

And of course watch out for those SSL crazies peering out their windows at all hours of day and night!

Anonymous said...

That sounds kind of like Guardian Angels. What's the deal with WECOP do you have more info?

Anonymous said...

WECOP [West End Community Oriented Policing, a 501c(3)] is a group of Citizens primarily from the west side of town, although we have members from other areas as well. We meet at the westend substation* the 2nd Wed. of the month at 7PM. We support community programs such as Jr. Cop, run by our PSO, Gloria Perez. We support ongoing community efforts to clean up the area as well as intervention and education programs. We apply for grants and donations to support the ongoing programs. This last week we facilitated a Christmas program for a neighborhood that was one of the JR Cop program areas. Since I was working I missed it, but I'm sure like past events it was a good one.

We also communicate directly with the local commander on our priorities and needs as a community. One of which has been the long running (20+ yrs) hooker problem on Harbor Blvd. While it is an ongoing battle the reduction in obvious hookers hanging out and walking the Blvd has been diminished greatly. You used to be able to see them all night any night. With the help of directed patrols and awareness of the great desire of the community, both residents and business, it has calmed down dramatically. They continue to make arrests and work the streets arresting both sides, hookers and johns, in an effort to make a name for the areas as somewhere you shouldn't go to if "feel the need". Like roaches however, they always seem to find a fresh batch of circuit girls who travel the blvd. offering up their wares.

We have investigated remote cameras for the Graffiti task force and hence my comments to ofcr. Mona Ruiz at your meeting, and my additional comments to others about there use for your area as well. While we have yet to purchase any cameras for GTF, it isn't lack of desire, but a lack of funding. Perhaps that will change soon. I would like to actively participate with you folks in this area particularly.

As well we are engaged in an ongoing project with the SAPD in a program I hope will be educational for all of us in the release of crime statistics and education with the local community. Santa Ana does not release it's crime statistics currently, a need we (WECOP) see that is yet to be fulfilled. We are pushing very hard for the limited (at least for now) release of information on what is really happening on the streets. We fully believe that knowledge is power and that is necessary to have a fully transparent city government to be able to direct city services where they are needed to best serve the community. Since this is one of the stated goals of SAPD (Community Oriented Policing) we are asserting ourselves as organized representatives of the community to help fulfill that need. I will of course let all of you know how that goes...

*The substation is on the South West corner of the RiverView shopping center. South East corner of Harbor and McFadden