Thursday, February 21, 2008

Association Meeting Tonight @ 6PM

For those of you that have a bone to pick with Keystone Property Management, now is the time to sharpen your pitchforks and light your torches.

When/Where: 6PM inside the loft sales office (2nd floor).

***UPDATE***For those of you that missed the meeting:

  1. Villa Park Landscaping is on their way out after a year and a half of disappointing service

  2. Power washing (which is already in the budget) of the walkways is scheduled for a minimum of twice a year

  3. Semiannual (exterior) window cleaning will be looked into due to surplus in association funds

  4. The removal of etched graffiti on glass windows is approaching enforcement (fines)

  5. We all agree that (Lennar) Eddie is overworked and under appreciated

  6. Graffiti clean-up by the company contracted by the association needs to happen quicker and actually completely cover it up

  7. Lester Tucker, our new Association president seems to be on the ball

  8. The security guards are not to be sleeping in their cars (duh)

  9. Fines for not putting trash bins back in your garage are going to be assessed (they should have been already)

  10. The monopoly as to who can make the metal business signs will be lifted
We had a great showing tonight. Thank you everyone who came!


Pretty. Good. Food. said...

assuming a large number of us attend... how are we all even going to fit? the office isn't that big.

(love the picture by the way...)

Anonymous said...

After the meeting, hop on the OCTA 83, and head over to Memphis for Drinking Liberally.

Anonymous said...

meeting is in the second-floor level. if you feel like attacking anyone on us residents' behalf, feel free :)


Unknown said...

Please follow up with an update to the post-meeting providing both an objective and subjective(speculative) perspective. I'd like to join the community soon and would like to hear your opinions.



Ben Dayhoe said...

Hmmm....Memphis, or LOST.
Sorry guys, Drinking Liberally will have to wait until summer hiatus :)

Kevin, I'll update you on the empty promises and angry comments just as you requested.

Don't expect much, we never do.

Anonymous said...

Why are certain residents interfering with the police when they are trying to arrest the taggers?

Ben Dayhoe said...

Not sure why a resident would do that. We here are extremely grateful for what the police have done and continue to do for us.

I've never seen said resident prior to the incident, so I am assuming he was unaware of what we have worked so hard to establish with local law enforcement.

Perhaps he thought that the homeowner was being busted and just wanted to be a good neighbor by offering free legal advise???

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the fines. If there's no good services, at least there can be fines. Yay.

Cyrus said...

Oh NO, your security guard has caught the sleeping bug too, it must be something going around. If I didn't have a real job I'd probably stay up watching my place all night.

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