Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Neighborhood 6

Last week, construction began on 3 new buildings at the Santiago Street Lofts. Known as Neighborhood 6, this development will consist of five adjacent "Plan 3's" in the interior building and five adjacent "Plan 5's" facing Poinsettia Street. The third building, the last to be built on the highly trafficked Santa Ana Boulevard, will consist of one "Plan 4", one "Plan 3", two "Plan 2's" and two "Plan 1's".

I'm hoping that the façade of this building will be the one with the brick stone finish. So far, the only one with this exterior is the building located on the Southwest corner of Santiago Street and Santa Ana Boulevard. Do we really need any more blue buildings?

Here are the prices from the price sheet I grabbed while at the sales office:

Plan 1 (1,584SF): From $435k
Plan 2 (1,793SF): From $460k
Plan 3 (1,886SF): From $479k
Plan 4 (2,321SF): From $656k
Plan 5 (1,563SF): From $430k

In addition, Lennar is offering $15,000 buyer incentive.


Robert said...

Thanks Ben,
This pretty much answered all of my questions regarding the Lofts.

Hopefully, My sis and I would purchase a loft and be part of your Santiago community.

Spencer Hoo said...


if you and your sister can make it happen, you would be a valuable addition to our community. let me know if you have any questions regarding the lofts or the buying process.

Stephen Manning said...

I will look up the "building type" tonight and let you know what the facade will look like.

The Kikawas said...

My husband and I are looking into buying in Neighborhood 6 (we have one on reserve!) and are wondering what is going to happen with the Renaissance Plan across the street? We heard that it is on "hold." Is this true?

Ben Dayhoe said...

True, the Renaissance Project is on hold, but not gone.

I was at a meeting at the Logan Center last night where residents voiced their concerns not against the RSP, but rezoning issues (mainly bad industrial coming in and ruining the neighborhood).

The people that live in that community definitely want positive changes to come to this city, but have a hard time trusting the "promises" from the city due to the fact that they've been screwed over one too many times by the same city asking them to jump on board with this plan.

There are other political issues surrounding this development that are holding things up.

Gustavo Arellano at the OC Weekly has written some really good articles spotlighting some major conflicts of interest down at city hall.

Don't give up hope, but don't expect things overnight :)

Anonymous said...

a valuable addition indeed...

it was such a pleasure meeting you this past saturday at the art walk and i am so stoked to hear the news... hope you can purchase the loft and join us, you're very well liked here and have been embraced by the community already... potluck plans are in the works... movie night too... you are cordially invited...

kevin and the kikawas,
i hope you both consider this community... it's very diverse, very friendly, and very tight... it was certainly one of the best decisions we ever made... keystone sucks big time, but on the flip side, i have the best neighbors ever...

please email and update me on what was discussed at the association meeting... i was stuck in traffic on the 5 and wasn't able to make it on time...

el diablo blanco,
if my source is correct, the building in question will be the one with the brick stone façade... not a blue building, not that blue buildings are bad, i live in one and i love it....

love the name btw... and the long, curly, deviliisssshhhh tail... ; )

Stephen Manning said...

I lied Ben, the building types I have a list of have to do with the composition of lofts within the building. The architectural style isn't listed. I'm sure Landra @ SSL Sales office can tell us.

Anonymous said...

Does Spencer Hoo have special duties or insight regarding the lofts or the buying process?

Anonymous said...


Spencer is actually an owner here at Santiago Street Lofts, so I am sure he can help buyers navigate Lennar's specific purchase process better than any other real estate agent.

For sure he will be able to assist buyers in structuring how to best use the $15,000 incentive to maximize benefit to the buyer. There are restrictions on what it can and cannot be used towards, and if use incorrectly, part or all of it can involuntarily be forfeited.

From what I know, Spencer is the exclusive real estate broker rep for OC Loft Guide (, an informational guide for Orange County lofts and urban communities, I believe something he was selected into for his expertise and passion for these types of communities. I dont think he has any relationship to Lennar besides having the ability to assist buyers in purchasing thier product.

Hope above helps, but dont quote me.

Ben Dayhoe said...

Special duties, I don't think so. Insight, most definitely. He is very active in the community and has become good friends with many of his neighbors.

Spencer is a good guy that I trust to bring in the right people to this neighborhood.

(By "right" I mean people that understand what's happening in Santa Ana and what's needed to make it a better city for all.)

Spencer has also told me that he plans on donating some of the proceeds from his home sales to our monthly art walk event as well as Pet Pro Life, the organization that I sponsor on this blog.

Now you can see why I'd like to see home sales go through him :)

Spencer Hoo said...

Spencer here. Thank you Anon #2 and Ben for the comments.

Anon #1, as Ben and Anon #2 said, I do live here at the lofts and fully understand both Lennar and the dynamics of what Santa Ana has to offer currently and what they are planning.

Having a choice to purchase at any loft project in Orange County, there are reasons why the SSL community won my vote and if you are looking to purchase, I would love to share those reasons with you.

You may contact me any time at the toll free number listed (if you dial extension 7, it will forward you to my mobile phone).