Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Looking for a Great Dentist?

A trip to the dentist is one of those things that most people dread and would rather put off; that is, until things start to hurt or smell (or both).

Before moving to the Santiago Street Lofts, my dentist was a crabby, sadistic oral-violator that constantly reprimanded me for my less than stellar mouth care.

The only reason I kept going is because she had great magazines and a candy dish to die for.

It was time for a change, but who really has the time to research a dentist these days?

Enter Santiago Street Loft resident and dentist Dr. Jason Nguyen.

I met Dr. Jason Nguyen in my first week living here at the Santiago Street Lofts. Over the last year and a half, “Dr. Jason” has proven to be not only a great dentist, but also a terrific friend who continually goes out of his way to be helpful to others.

A prime example would be when my 10-year old nephew stayed over on a Saturday night when just before midnight, he woke up from a dead sleep complaining of a severe toothache. My nephew is a pretty tough kid so I knew this could be serious.

I ran over to Dr. Jason’s to get some suggestions as to what I could pick up at Walgreen’s to help alleviate the pain. But instead of simply suggesting an over-the-counter remedy, he drove us to his dental office where he took care of the little guy while at the same time, helped him get over his fear of the sinister-looking dental chair.

In keeping with his very generous nature, Dr. Jason is offering free teeth whitening trays (a $200 dollar value) to all Santiago Street Loft residents who come in for a regular check-up (cleaning, exam, x-rays).

As for all non-loft residents, sign up as a new patient and get the custom teeth whitening trays for only $50. (Be sure to mention the blog to get this special price.)

Be sure to ask Dr. Jason to explain the hilarious “Drylander” contests from his college days while you are sitting in his chair. Just try not to choke on your saliva when you burst into laughter.

Dr. Jason Nguyen is located at:

1081 N. Tustin, Suite 114
Anaheim, Ca 92807

Call (714) 630-4589 to schedule an appointment.


Cyrus said...

I've been looking for a new Dentist, hopefully he accepts my insurance.

Ben Dayhoe said...

I'm pretty sure you'll be covered.

I really like the way his office is set up where you don't have to wait for an hour before getting to the chair.

You're in, you're out.

Anonymous said...

Who needs teeth?

Spencer Hoo said...

My mother used to be a RDA (registered dental assistant) and then dental office floor manager for over 18 years.....

I agree that most dental offices make you wait a while before you see anyone......thats why they have magazines.......maybe they should install a large screen tv and video game console in the waiting areas.

Believe it or not, there were companies trying to market just that (but as head mounted displays while you were getting your teeth worked on). Dont know if it ever took off. Saw it at a dental convention many many years back. Suprisingly there was usually more candy and sweets there than dental related samples.

Jason, once I get my insurance back in place, you have a new client.


Ben Dayhoe said...

The last time I went in for a cleaning, I watched Justice League on a DVD headset while he did his thang.

That was pretty cool.

Danieledward said...

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