Thursday, February 7, 2008


Back in November, a friend of mine was shopping at Kragen Auto Parts (Grand Avenue and Seventeenth Street) when he noticed the case for the spray paint was left unlocked.

Usually these cases are clearly labeled with signs that read something similar to, “Keep case locked at all times”–reminding employees to help keep loss at a minimum.

This past weekend while picking up a few things at OSH on Seventeenth Street, I noticed that one of the cases for the spray paint was left unlocked and unsupervised and wide open.

As I was finishing up my transaction at the register, I asked if I could speak with the (weekend) manager on duty. When she arrived at the front of the store, I notified her that the case was left unlocked and kindly asked if she could remind the employees to lock the door after the customer gets what they need from the case–you know, being that Santa Ana has somewhat of a tiny problem with graffiti.

The manager told me that the lock in question was a tricky one and that they have someone coming out this week to fix it. Hmm, it really didn’t seem all that tricky to lock when I did it with the tip of my shoe.

The next day I headed back to OSH to grab an item that somehow missed my initial list.

I walked past the aisle where the spray paint is located, stopped, turned around, and was shocked to see that a different section of the case was left wide open once again!

Again, with the tip of my shoe, I clicked the push-lock closed and secured the cabinet. I didn’t even bother asking for a manager this time.

The next day, I phoned OSH corporate headquarters where I shared my story and concerns with the representative. She notified me that this was unacceptable and that the district manager will be addressing this issue directly with the manager of the OSH on Seventeenth Street.

After reading about the graffiti problems occurring at the nearby Monterey Villas community, one can only hope that the folks at OSH remember that their carelessness affects all those around them.

OSH corporate headquarters can be reached at:
6450 Via Del Oro
San Jose, CA 95119
(408) 281-3500


Anonymous said...

I wish more people were like you Ben. I too contacted the staff at OSH about a month ago regarding the same problem. I also noticed one of the young staff members opening the door of the cage for a juvenile, and then walking away. HMMMM!

Cyrus said...

Ben, I will look out for this as well. Since OSH is just a stone throw away from us I'm sure some punk kid is getting his paint from there. They must be stealing it though because OSH ask to see id for everything. I once got carded when buying a drill bit.

Nightlife said...

We were told at a neighborhood association meeting that the city's grafitti hotline and code enforcement numbers can also be used to report the paint seller violations.

A few citations and fines might help get that manager's attention.

Grafitti (877)786-7824
Code Enforcement (714)667-2780

Cyrus said...

That is some really good info, thanks nightlife. Trying to put a stop at the source really does help.
Ben, hope you don't mind I'm going to copy this post on my site, as always I'll credit it to you.

Anonymous said...

hey ben
your a square and i just want you to know, whether they close it or not makes no difference. you can just ask them to open it for you, get all the paint you desire, then shoplift it..

your a loser and i hope you realize graffiti is never going away and there isnt shit you or anyone can do about it. you think closing the cabinet at osh is preventing one tag? its not. home depot is way easier anyway

Ben Dayhoe said...

Anonymous coward,
Sure, I may be a square, and hell, even a loser, but at least I know when to use "your" versus "you're".

If you didn't think I was a square before, that last sentence just proved it.

Please feel free to continue to comment, whine, brag and/or boast about your foolishness (not to mention poor grammar and punctuation).

I'm just a traffic whore anyways.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

your so silly
it makes me sad to think people out there that really have nothing more important to worry about talking about how you totally saved the day by complaining about the paint thing being open..and grammer.
but then it makes mad as fuck that that im on here arguing with some faggot on a blog. house arrest sucks..

Anonymous said...

your so silly
it makes me sad to think people out there that really have nothing more important to worry then about talking about how you totally saved the day by complaining about the paint thing being open..and grammer.
but then it makes mad as fuck that that im on here arguing with some faggot on a blog. house arrest sucks..

Anonymous said...

WOW! 1st class dumbass!!hahahah! Good thing hes on house arrest imagine scum like that out on the streets, atleast we get some temporary relief by them being on house arrest :) I also find it funny that he checks your blog constantly?? February and now July as soon as you reply to him, he was responding within 24 hours. Shows what a awesome blogger you are Ben we just cant stay away :)hahahahah

Ben Dayhoe said...

Anonymous criminal,
You obviously have some issues more serious than I am capable of addressing if all it takes is one "faggot blogger" to take you on an emotional rollercoaster from sad to mad (although I do appreciate your enthusiasm with the double posting of your comment).

Maybe if you spent less time doing foolish things that end up getting you placed under house arrest and more positive and constructive things that help the community, you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Do I honestly think that telling the OSH folks to do their job and to follow the law will make graffiti go away? No. But I do hope it will help reduce the garbage graffiti seen all over town.

While you're (which is the proper contraction for you in you are a faggot blogger Ben) on house arrest, check out some of these "peacers" I've seen around town.

This one, and this one.

I'm sorry the public school system failed you.

miss behavin,
Thank you for using "awesome" and my name in the same sentence. As crude as this anonymous poster can be, I appreciate him being here on the blog being that he brings a viewpoint much different from mine. Once he gets out all of his anger, I hope that he can express his point of view and where he's coming from rather talking trash–I'm all ears when that day comes.

Anonymous said...

on some real shit tho, graffiti is the only thing i have to fall back on when all the fucked up in my life gets too much. my parents are dead my sister younger then me and got a baby, and im addicted to methanphedimine. but when im doing graff, all of that shit just disapears. all it is is the me, paint and the wall untill my shit is done. a couple years ago i was breaking into houses, doing smash-and-grabs, stealing cars, all on one huge mission to get another sack of crystal. graff got me away from that shit, graffiti writers have morals talent which is more then i can say for anyone i robbed a house with

you feel me? no, im sure none of you do

Anonymous said...

take nuts and bolts out faris wheels

Anonymous said...

as the head of scotland yard i can do only one of two things.
either have you formally charged for murder,

or sentenced to life in an institution for the criminally insane.

Anonymous said...

hahaha tell me why my local OSH completly removed the cases.. i racked 47 cans yesterday straight off the shelf.. gay ass niggas

these comments on here make me want to go crush your naigborhoods

Ben Dayhoe said...

Hopefully your graffiti is better than your spelling.